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I’m Oscar

PP number: PP959


Name: Oscar


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £300




Hi, I’m Oscar. I’ve come back into the charity through no fault of my own. My owner had a change in circumstances.

Oscar has lived happily with his previous home. He has only come back into the charity due to a change of circumstance. He is around 15.

Current Presentation:
Oscar is a quiet bird who loves to whistle and chatter away. He is cage territorial and doesn’t like anyone to try and touch him in his cage. He will need a main male carer. He loves men, but can be unpredictable with females, so please take this into account if you are thinking of adopting him. Oscar enjoys time out of his cage and isn’t really bothered by other birds unless they try to land on his cage.

Oscar will step up to a stick and sometimes to a hand. Oscar would benefit from training for being cage territorial, but he will step up with a stick from his cage.

Oscar is currently in a diet of neophema mix and lots of fresh veg each day. He is a good eater and likes to take his food to his water bowl and eat it from there.

Oscar likes to spend time out of his cage. He is happy to sit on his cage or with his favourite human! He does have lots of toys, but doesn’t really play with them that much.

Oscars preference is men and will happily accept strokes from men. He likes to sit with men and chill out. He can be unpredictable with women and children but tends to show little interest in them in his safe house. He enjoys spending time out of his cage watching the world go by, but don’t leave him unattended or else he may just chew something he shouldn’t! With the right person, Oscar is a very sweet and loving bird. Time and effort may improve his relationship with females.


Location:  Stafford

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