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Hi, I’m Oscar

PP number: PP631


Name: Oscar


Species: Blue & Gold Macaw


Cage supplied: No cage, he lives on a Java stand which is supplied


Adoption fee: £250



Hi I’m Oscar the blue and gold macaw, I’m not sure how old I am but there’s lots of life in me yet! I’m a typical macaw, I have my shouting session on a morning then late afternoon where I call my flock, but during the day I like to sing, dance and love hearing myself chat away. I have all my lovely feathers and I’m fully flighted.
I’ve been in the charity an awful long time now and I really want a forever home of my own. I do have my issues, but nothing that you can’t help me overcome if you’re prepared to work with me.
I’m a little timid when stepping up and will flap my wings until I’m balanced on your arm, but once on your arm I do like a tickle on the back of my head. I’m not allowed on shoulders yet until I earn that privilege but with the right person, I will learn to get there.
I’m getting better with my step up training but if I’m spooked I will give a little nip.
I also rock from side to side, my safehouse Dad thinks I’m a bit nervous but I will settle eventually with a new forever family.
There’s a little boy here who doesn’t try to touch me and that doesn’t bother me, but if any small people do try and touch me I may give them a warning nip so please take that into account.
Now I don’t like other birds, I have tried to attack them in the past and I don’t think I will grow out of it. I was bullied really badly in my home before coming into the charity so I have a complex when there’s other birds around so a home with no other birds or a separate room will be the best for me.
Diet. Oh I love my food, I have AS30 seed mix, my favourite veggies are cauliflower and broccoli, and for breakfast I love some porridge with mashed banana in, I will be your friend for life if you give me that.
My ultimate favourite treat is a walnut, I love cracking the shell to get the prize inside.
I play all day on my java stand, I live and sleep on it. There’s toys hanging off it and I play with those, and if there’s some cardboard to chew I really enjoy shredding that.
So if you have the patience and stamina to take me on, and can meet my needs, then click the apply button. With the right environment and people I can be an amazing bird, I just need the chance.
Warning…I do have a potty mouth and I will argue with myself in a cockney accent.
All my love and beaky kisses


Location: Durham

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