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Hi, I’m Orvie

PP number: PP1388


Name: Orvie



Sun conure


Adoption fee: £ 200


yes along with some toys and a play stand.


Hello Conure addicts! I’m Orvie a gorgeous Sun Conure, a cheeky chap who is full of beans. I
don’t know when my birthday is but I do know I am 2 and 1/2 years young. I’m going to tell you
all about me here but you can also check videos out of me to by going on the Facebook Problem
Parrots Extra page and searching on our website!


As I am a very young bird and still a baby my past was a good one. I came into the charity not so
long ago, just a few weeks, I was extremely loved in my previous home but my mummy got too
poorly to keep up with me. Don't get me wrong, I wasn’t aggressive nor am I a bad birdy, I am just a busy birdy who is rather noisy because I just want to be with my favourite hooman and when I
am with them all I want is kisses, lots and lots of kisses. When I love you, I love you and you are
all mine.
I was in favour of my previous homes lady but then I was all for daddy, no idea why and now my
SH just has SH mummy who I instantly fell in love with. There is a grown up boy here, but I don’t
see much of him, and then there are little humans who visit sometimes, the baby one is kept
away from us as some birdies here bite even in cages but the other little human is a good girl
and knows not to touch but I am still not sure of her so I was a good boy and stayed on SH mums
shoulder keeping very close eye on her.
I do like my safehouse mummy and she gives me tickles and treats. I do have tendencies to
screech followed by Stop It! or I will say Orvie, Stop It! Funny because I never listen to
myself! I do step up onto hands and arms, I step up onto anything, even fly to my SH Hooman.

Current presentation

In my SH I am definitely not alone, I have my own cage to myself but I share the living room with
10 other birds some of them I don't mind and some of them I keep out of their way for my own
safety. I am usually in and out of my cage most of the day up to SH mummy going to work but
she is only there for a couple of hours a couple of days a week and always lets me out for night
time cuddles and kisses before bed time. I am not destructive and love my toys especially my
little hammock, I go to bed around 7 ish and usually up by 9am. no matter what time I go to bed
however, I always get no less than 12 hours and no more than 14 hours sleeps, unless I wanna
snooze then I just sleep where ever I am comfortable. I fly very well and love a bath in my water
bowl every couple of days but I am not keen on showers, I don’t mind the four legged fury
things in the room when I’m in my cage, My SH mummy said I am too brave for my own good as
I will try and stay with her even when she goes in the room with the furry things and has to put
me back on top of my cage and runs off quick before I can catch her shoulder.
I will take treats from anyone and have lots of tickles, SH mummy says I am too intimate and not
good with personal space, as I try spending loads of time pinching kisses and I will grab her
fingers when she stops me, I dont hurt her because I loves her so much. At the minute I am
definitely a ladies bird, but I do not have a particular preference to either.
I am going to need a home where my environment can be managed to eradicate my invasive
kisses, SH mummy says some kisses are sweet but I go really overboard.
It’s ok if you have other birds in the house, I don’t mind hearing them and being out with them
too, but I get jealous of them if I can see you giving them attention and will want my kisses.



Orvie doesn't need much training at all, he is a very loveable Conure in stunning condition. Orvie
steps up and off without any issues, is happy to take treats and toys and loves his little balls with
bells in and will hold it and shake it.
Only training to keep encouraging him with is the kisses. he will happily spend many moments
trying to keep his beak/tongue in your mouth and will screech a little when you gentley stop him
even as much as to grab your finger/s although he will let you stroke him with your fingers even
while holding thumb in his beak, be wary as he can become a little frustrated when he can't get
his own way and grab fingers harder which hurts even though he does not leave a mark. He is
now sent back to his cage for time out so he understands when it is a little too much….Such a
baby bless him!



Orvie is now on AS30 along with fruit and veg. He will try most fruits and veggies and is not
really a fussy eater.


Orvie does have a variety of toys and a playstand in which he enjoys. he will spend hours with
his human if not encourage to play. He is not one for boxes and we have yet to make a
cardboard toy for his size, he also loves the ropes Hanging from one side of the room to the wall
above the TV which also have a variety of toys attached.
I do not know or believe Orvie is harness trained and as the weather has been Autumnal and
much cooler recently, we have not had that opportunity to verify this.



You will NOT be disappointed to adopt this little beauty. His feathers are simply pristine and
very colorful.
Orvie gets very excited when I pull up in my car, whether that being me just bobbed out or
having returned home from work, he will screech excitedly and flutter his wings towards you. He
is the most trusting of birds I have ever experienced and Orvie will settle very quickly into hisnew home, this is a bonus as he was so well loved and looked after by his previous owners that
he carries that love with him.


Greater Manchester

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