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Hi, I’m Ollie

PP number: PP1147


Name: Ollie


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: CITES





Hello my name is Ollie i’m a 8yrs old African Grey who’s very timid and frightened due to my horrid past. I don’t fly too good due to badly clipped wings so I crash land a lot. I am a mans bird has ladies frighten me due to my past. I am a quiet bird who loves my food, and loves to shred paper.



I was with a lady since a baby but she kept my cage covered all the time and would bang my cage if I made a noise,  luckily a friend of hers rescued me by asking her if she could have me I liked it at my new home but wasn’t too sure of lady but this was because of what my past I was still very frightened, sadly she had to give me up through no fault of my own.


Current Presentation:

I’m a lovely boy but am still very scared of ladies even though my safehouse mum spends loads time with me but I now don’t fall off my perch when she puts her hand in my cage. I  love my safehouse dad his my best human as ie recently learnt to trust him, but not sure of other males. My cage door is open all day  so I can come in and out my cage when I want to  all day and I tend to stay close to Ivor my feathered friend has his quiet like me and I like it when my feathered friend I came to safehouse with sits with me. I love being sprayed. I love my food. I wake at 8am and go to bed at 8pm.



Building Ollies trust with humans


Diet :

Breakfast I have fresh veg mixed with chia seeds, spices which I like, Lunch I have Harrisons coarse pellets, Teatime I have a little fresh fruit, Bedtime I have some Johnson and Jeff fit & lean seed.



I love to shred paper, I’m just learning playing with toys is good. I will search for hidden treats at bottom of my cage in my little box,  I like my foot toys. I enjoy sitting with ivor my feathered friend has his nice and quiet too we sit on top of each others cages  and love it when  mum sprays me and sits singing to me or talks to me but I wont let her get too close yet.



My safehouse mum & dad says I’m handsome boy and assures me I’m not going anywhere, I’m still learning to trust mum but dad I will make noises if I cant see or hear him . Ollie is a very frightened bird who doesn’t like any sudden movements or loud noises, his a very quiet bird, his just recently learnt to trust my husband but is still very scared of other males that visit, his now beginning to not to get scared when I sit near cage to talk and sing to him. Ollie tries to fly but crash lands due to damaged wings. He loves his food, enjoys being sprayed. He loves shredding paper. His a very nervous bird and needs a lot of time and patience to gain his trust, he doesn’t talk but has begun to make noises but this seems only when he sees or hears my husband.


 Location:  South Wales

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