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Hi, I’m Nelson

PP number: PP1431


Name: Nelson


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hi I’m Nelson. I’m a Congo African grey, I’m gorgeous & I know it! I am a very confident bird and take everything in my stride, but if you don’t give me boundaries, I can be a little naughty. I’m very friendly but I do have a slight preference for men, however I will go to ladies and children (be aware that I do sometimes  give a little nip). My main carer at my safehouse is a lady and now that I know her better, she is my favourite person to spend time with. I’m very fussy but I love head rubs and snuggles. I do also like to be independent and to have time to explore. I whistle some lovely tunes. The McDonald’s one is my favourite, but I also like to do telephone or alarm noises, and I do a great impression of a cat! My safehouse carer even thought a cat was in the room with me! I do mutter under my breath, but no one can work out what I’m saying yet. I haven’t met any other birds here at my safehouse but I came from a home that had several. I am happy being the only bird, but I do need company and love being amongst the hustle and bustle of busy family life.



Not much is known about my history, but I did come from a home with other birds.


Current Presentation:

I have pristine feathers and I am a beautiful parrot. I did have to visit the vets for a beak trim when I first arrived at Problem Parrots. My beak has grown a little since then even though I have plenty of opportunities to chew toys, so this will need monitoring.



On the whole, I step up really well, but occasionally I need a bit of persuading. I love being out of my cage and can be reluctant to go back in sometimes, but if you put some fresh seed in the cage, I will usually go in as I can’t resist a good meal. I’m getting used to seeing a harness and I think if you’re patient with me, I have the potential to learn to be harness trained. I step up really well, but if I’m doing something else that’s more fun, I sometimes need a little persuasion.



I eat Johnson and Jeff Lean and Fit seed mix. I do like fruit and vegetables, but can sometimes be a bit fussy. My favourites are peas, mangetout, sweetcorn & apple.



I have a lot of toys in my cage and I do enjoy chewing them, but cardboard boxes are my favourite. I have a swing perch which is my favourite place to sleep. I really enjoy being out of my cage and I like flying around the room, as well as exploring on the floor. I love chewing, I get loads of cardboard boxes here at my safehouse and I get through them pretty quickly. I’ve chewed lots of my toys and if you’re not looking, I’ll try to chew almost anything (I love to dig and try to chew the carpet). Wires will need to be tucked away out of reach.

I love music and I love to dance. I enjoy being the centre of attention and if you ignore me, I will call to you with my loud whistles and tunes. I don’t mind being sprayed with a water bottle, and I like to sit in the bathroom enjoying the steam when the shower is running.



Nelson is an awesome bird and he has been an absolute pleasure to look after at his safehouse. He is very easy to care for and is a confident, loveable character who has the potential to settle well in any home. He is quiet for an African Grey parrot, but he often lets everyone know he is there with his whistles and tunes. He would be suited to a home where he can get lots of attention and where he can be out of his cage as much as possible.


Location: Stafford

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