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Hi, I’m Ndhlovu

PP number: PP1432


Name: Ndhlovu


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: No



Hi, my name is Ndhlovu, which is an African name meaning Elephant! I am, of course, not an elephant, but a beautiful Congo African Grey parrot! I am 35 years young and I am looking for my new forever home.



I came into the charity through no fault of my own and it was a very difficult decision for my previous family. I am 35 years old.


Current Presentation:

I am in pristine condition and fully flighted. My safehouse carer says I’m absolutely perfect in every way. I do talk and sing and can apparently speak Swedish!



I am very well trained and will pretty much do anything I am asked to do. I will step up on command and I get into my harness with no trouble. I will step up on to anyone and have never bitten in all my 35 years.



My diet consists of fresh fruit and vegetables daily along with a little Johnston & Jeff low sunflower seed mix. I will always eat my seed first so my safehouse doesn’t offer this until the evening so I get to eat plenty of veggies in the daytime.



I love to chew my wooden toys in my cage and will shred boxes and paper all day. My cage is always open and I love to explore, so I need to be given plenty to do in the day outside of my cage so that I don’t chew something I shouldn’t! I love to sit on shoulders while people go about their daily routines. I also love to be in an aviary with other birds and I get on with them very well.



Ndhlovu would do well in a home with no young children as they can make her nervous. Her preference is a male carer but will happily go to women. She is quite a little performer and will make you laugh with her singing and head bobbing. She has been with her previous owner since she was a baby and has always had someone around for her, so a home where she has company all day is ideal. She really is no bother at all and she is a pleasure to care for. She likes her showers and loves to be outside in the aviary or on her harness. If you feel you can offer Ndhlovu the wonderful home she deserves, please consider applying below.


Location: Doncaster

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