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Hi, I’m nara

PP number: PP1343


Name: Nara


Species: Patagonian Conure


Adoption fee: £200





Nara is a 1 year old female. Will step up when she wants to come out to play. Enjoys her food, fruit, vegetables and AS30. Loves to lay on her back to have her belly tickled. Settles well in her cage at bed time. Tends to play with plastic toys more than wood and card. She is full of fun and will take to both male and female owners. She can be very jealous of my other bird (Blue Fronted Amazon) Very interested in feet and tends to like a quick nip.



Nara came to me straight from her previous female owner, who wanted a better life for her.


Current Presentation: 

Fully feathered, beautiful bird, not talking yet but very vocal when she wants attention. No health issues.



Nara would benefit from ongoing training to step up and stop nipping.



AS30, fresh fruit and veg plus a bit of millet (hit and miss with this)



Loves to be out of her cage but will settle at bed time. Loves to play with plastic toys and shiny things. Once she trusts you she will lay on her back and let you tickle her belly. Not keen on shower time but getting there.



Nara is a beautiful girl who will be a joy for anyone to home. She has settled in extremely well but now needs a forever home of her own.


 Location: Wigan

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