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Hi, I’m Nam Nam

PP number: PP1261


Name: Nam Nam


Species: Cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30





Nam Nam is a loving boy loves to sing & dance. He loves men women and children so he likes to engage with the family. He needs to be out the cage for as long as possible but hes not to be let out around big birds as he likes to torment them. He will step up on anybody he isn’t shy he may even sing happy if you know it whilst flirting.

History & background

Nam Nam came to me with a new disability of losing a toe but with lots of love, trust and treatment Nam doesn’t let this affect him, he’s just like any other bird and losing a toe doesn’t effect him in any way.


Current Presentation –

Nam Nam loves to step up sing and dance on you. He isn’t shy in the slightest. He’s a very happy boy loves to be around other cockatiels and loves the attention off us humans.



Nam Nam has now learnt how to get about with his missing toe. It doesn’t effect him at all. he loves to fly, step up, dance and sing



Millet, seed, fruit and veg & calcium block.



Nam Nam is a very loving bird loves toys that are easy to shred. His favourite toy is his mirror and swing he flirts with himself in his mirror.



Nam Nam would be a good companion to anybody he really doesn’t have a preference but I must state he can not be let out cage around big birds. Apart from that hes a lovely boy very loving sings dances steps up and more.

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 Location:  Birmigham

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