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Hi, I’m Molly

PP number: PP1449


Name: Molly


Species: Blue and Gold Macaw


Adoption fee: £500


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hi, I’m Molly! I’m a 3 year old, friendly Blue and Gold Macaw who loves to spend time with people.



I have come into the charity through no fault of my own. My previous family had to make the difficult decision to find me a loving forever home, but I was a very much loved bird. I would love it if my new carers would keep in touch with my previous owners to give them updates on how I am doing.


Current Presentation:

I am a beautiful, fully feathered macaw. I have a slight scissor beak, which means the upper part of my beak is misaligned with my lower beak.



I have been harness trained and love to go outside to meet new people! I could use some additional training on stepping up, as I don’t always do this on command. My safehouse carers have also been getting me used to having my nails trimmed with a file.



I enjoy a diet of fresh fruit in the morning, vegetables in the evening and Harrison’s coarse pellets throughout the day. My favourite treats are pine nuts!



I love to spend time playing with people, but I also have lots of fun playing with toys in my cage. My toys are replaced daily to prevent boredom. I also enjoy playing with newspaper, especially when someone hides a nut in there!



Molly is a beautiful, gentle girl who is still young at only 3 years old. She would thrive in a family environment where there are people around in the day for her. Molly does have a slight preference for women and children, but will also happily spend time with men. Molly loves to sit and chatter away. She loves to preen long hair whilst muttering to herself.  Molly has been harness trained and loves to get out and about meeting new people!

Molly loves to be around people. She has been the only bird in her previous home, and since coming to Problem Parrots, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the other birds in her safehouse. She needs a home where she can spend lots of time out of her cage and get the attention, interaction, and enrichment she needs.


Location: Stafford

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