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Hi, we are Molly, Charlie and Ralph

PP number:  PP899 & PP900 & PP1034


Name:  Molly, Charlie and Ralph


Species:  Cockatiels


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £TBC




Charlie and Ralph are a bonded inseparable pair and Molly is the show off of the group .



Charlie and Molly came in as a bonded pair however it became apparent this was not the case. They came from a loving home but unfortunately due to illness the family had to let they feathered friends go.

Current Presentation:

All three birds are in tip top condition however Charlie has never been the best at flying. She can fly but not very much.


Charlie would never step up or let you near her however will now step up (clever charlie) none of these birds like sticks so use the step up mode to put them back in their cage if they haven’t taken them selves already.


Tidy mix and will enjoy some chop and some fresh fruit and veg although can be fussy



Love their toys anything they can chew. Molly loves sitting on your shoulder and singing her little head off



These birds are all very individual Molly is the attention seeking mardy girl who wants to follow you around the house whilst singing down your ear and shouts when she wants to come out she would be out all day if this was possible. Then you’ve got Charlie and Ralph where one goes the other goes they are just the cutest. They are easy to look after and no where near as messy as the bigger birds. They love to be out Charlie and Ralph spend most of their time on top of the curtains or the play stand. They all have their own little character and are fun to watch when they are playing about.


Location: Derbyshire

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