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Hi, we are Molly and Charlie

PP number:  PP899 & PP900


Name:  Molly & Charlie


Species:  Cockatiels


Cage supplied: Yes – But will need a nice new one


Adoption fee: £TBC


Description: Charlie is a very timid bird. Charlie is slowly but surely coming on and becoming better with interaction. Charlie is currently gaining more confidence to step up although this is a work in progress. Likes a tummy stroke and likes you to move slowly towards her by talking to her. Loves being with the other Tiels. Due to her previous homes Charlie didn’t have toys so she isn’t too fussed with them. I do not use a towel to catch her as this is not needed. Charlie does peck only just touching but does not bite. Charlie just needs someone with the time and patience, she is bonded with Molly. Charlie is a sweet little bird and would probably enjoy being in an aviary with other Tiels. 


Molly loves being in with the other Tiels. Molly sings Adams family, pop goes the weasel, happy and you know it and a few others. Molly loves to interact with people when out of cage. Molly certainly rules the roost and is a little bossy. Molly will step up onto your hand and fly to your shoulder and sing down your ears. She certainly is a little character. Molly is bonded with Charlie but is happy to be with other Tiels too.


Location: Swadlincote

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