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I’m Mojo

PP number: PP1279


Name: Mojo


Species: Cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30






I’m mojo I’m a cockatiel I love to make nosies we don’t know when my birthday is but we believe I’m around 18 years old 19 this year but unsure when please keep a look out on problem parrots extra page for my updates.



I came into the charity due to sadly my owner passing away just recently so the family thought it was best I came into the charity.i was in a smallish cage and they tired to put me in a taller cage but I wouldn’t leave the cage I’ve always had.

As soon as I made a noise the lady always came to me and chatted I hadn’t been out of my cage for some time and still find this hard.

I don’t like been covered this makes me scared and I lose feathers from this and like to have a little light and some background noise to keep me settled at night.

I have very little flight as I have no flight feathers on one side we are unsure why as this is how he came to the charity.


Current Presentation:

I have a room to myself but I can hear the other birds that live here with me,I’m still not sure about coming out of my cage but once I’m out I’m ok I like to just wonder around I don’t step up but if your hand is on the floor in front me I will run across it but if you try and get me to step up I don’t like this and will back away.

I can be quite noisy in the morning I do love to have a song at around 7am sometime alittle earlier but can be a little quieter throughout the day.

I do occasionally see at fury 4 legged thing when I’m safely in my cage I’m not worried by it and it doesn’t bother me.

Sometime I don’t mind be sprayed but sometime it scares me so my safehouse mum sprays over the top and not directly to me.



We have been doing some training on stepping up and getting use to hands been near me as this still scares me.i do like cashew nuts.



Cocktail mix with dried fruit mixed in,I’m been converted onto

Fruit veg sprouting seeding and soaking seeds but I can still be picky with it.



I’m not to interested in toys apart from a mirror but I got to attach to this so have been couraged to play with some of the other toys I have.i do like to have alittle music on.



Mojo is a cheeky boy who needs a home where they can spend time with me and is not worried about the noise I make early in the sure mojo would love to be with another cockatiel that he could make great friends with.

 Location:  Norwich

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