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Hi, we are Mojo & Molly

PP number: PP1298/99


Name: Mojo & Molly


Species: Parrotlets


Adoption fee: £55





Hi, our names are Molly & Mojo and are 2 year old Parrotlets. We are a bonded pair and love each other dearly so must stay together. We have been in our safehouse about a month now, we do like it here and we like my safehouse mum and dad. We love our time out of the cage and out time is very important to us so we don’t get bored. Molly (blue) female Mojo (green) male



We where in my previous home from babies and had to leave due to our mum getting on in years and struggled to look after us.

Current Presentation:

Molly & Mojo are doing really well here and have fitted in perfectly with all the other birds, they where wary to start with but have really found there feet, we have a little dog and his presence does not bother them. They have not met any little people yet so cant comment on what they would make to them.


We both love our food and currently have Johnston & Jeff no sunflower mix, chop, spouted seeds, fruit and veg. We also like millet.



We have lots of toys in our cage, we both just love to be out flying around and generally getting into mischief



We are both very happy birds and love interaction and lots of out of cage time, Lots of toys aswell.


Location:  Nofolk

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