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Hi, I’m Missy

PP number: PP1408


Name: Missy


Species: Green winged macaw


Adoption fee: £500



HI all I’m Missy a 32 year old greenwing macaw that knows my own mind! I know what I like and what I want from life and no one is going to change that for me. You will very much have to meet my needs for me to be happy within your home.

I have plucked a little bit as I get hormonal and like to make nests and there is no softer bed than my feathers for my eggs. I have laid many eggs over the years so I most definitely am a gorgeous little girl if I do say so myself.

I have had a tough time over the last month with leaving my home of 32 years, this made me scared and anxious but I have learnt that this new place is not too bad now so I am showing my safehouse mom more of my personality every day.



I have lived at home with my loving family for the past 32 years, My mom and Dad had to move to a smaller house and they felt I was no longer getting the same love and attention and space that I was used to and felt it would be best for me to find a new loving home.

When I lived with my Mom and Dad, I had a big cage with a square top for me to play on and I was never locked in my cage EVER, so I can not be in a cage at all. At my safehouse I live free and there is not a cage in sight which suits me fine.

Current presentation

When I first meet people I come across as very shy and scared but please take your time with me and I will learn to trust you and show you how beautiful I really am. I need a forever home that is going to be patient and give me time to settle  and trust you. My new home must be experienced with us macaws as I can look very intimidating at the start whilst I suss you out. I have not stepped up yet as I don’t trust my safe house mom fully but I will allow her to get close so I can lay my head on her chest and have a good old fuss.

I love to sit and watch the world go by so I need a home where I’m going to be in the thick of the family life, I like to be included, but at the same time have my own space.

There are these bright coloured things all around me in my safe house and I have just learnt they are toys and they are not scary, they are there for me to chew and make a good old mess with.

My day here at this hotel  is quite calm, I wake up and I am brough breakfast by the staff, normally a selection of fruit or veg with some nice nut treats hidden amongst them, then I will sit and watch the world whilst my safehouse mom goes to something called work, I don’t mind being on my own as I have 4 other birds to talk to, a radio to listen to and I’m not locked in a cage.

Then when my staff (I mean safehouse mom) returns from work we spend time together talking, dancing, singing and playing boo. I have learnt lots of way to communicate from the others who are also staying at this hotel so now like to rawwww at you and find this funny. I normally go to bed around 7pm and you don’t hear from me until the morning as I do love my sleep.

I have been told that I’m not loud at all, I have not screamed whilst being in safehouse but I do make a loud call which my safehouse mom can only liken to an amazon (what ever that is) but I don’t do this often at all. My mom says I’m quiet, not destructive with things and a very easy-going, laid-back girl when I get to know you.


My real mom of 32 years had my heart and soul completely, I had known her since I was 6 months old and I loved my family very much. I lived with her, my human dad and also had a human brother. In the house there were also lots of dogs and later in life lots of little humans, I was fine with everyone. I am not what you call a Velcro bird and like to just do my own thing but I do love a good fuss too! I use to step up to everyone in my family and my favourite thing to do is give big kisses!

I need a home that’s going to be able to work on building my trust and being a stable place for the rest of my life. I do know how to step up and when I trust you I will do this but you are going to have to be firm and patient. There is no other training I need really as I already forage for food, I don’t scream and I don’t attack anyone this is not in my nature.



When I came to the charity I was eating a lot of junk food in the form of sunflower seeds and monkey nuts but now I eat tidy mix and have even started eating the Harrisons pellets. I enjoy fruit and veg and a bit of toast with my vitamins on is the best.

My new home will need to keep up my good healthy balanced diet as its helping me leave my feathers alone.



I love to chew cardboard and wooden toys to little bits! I am not a demanding baby girl so as long as I have toys to play with and food in my belly then I am a very happy girl!

I don’t go for walks, I just stay where I am, even in my home of 32 years where I had a big flat top cage I did not go walking around the floor to find trouble.

My new home will just need to keep me stocked up on toys or be able to make me new ones to keep me entertained and I love the toys where I have to hunt for my treats!


I have had a rough time over the last month, so I am now looking for a new home that will offer me time, freedom, love and understanding.

My new home will need to have a big flat top cage for me to play on as I don’t have my own cage or it will need to have a play stand/gym for me to live free on. I do not ever want to be locked in a cage as I have never had this in 32 years so I don’t want to start now. I am not scared of dogs but because I live free I need a home really that does not have them that come in the same room as I cant be locked away whilst they come in. Problem parrots do not allow the mixing of fur and feather at all.

I do not mind men or women nor children, the more people around for me to people watch the better. I do not fly to people so there is no risk, I just keep my self to myself.

I need a confident home as I can look angry and like I’m going to bite everyone when I am scared but this is not the case at all.

If my new home has to leave me alone in the day to work this is completely fine but I will need a radio or TV on to keep me happy and if there is another bird around then that would be great too. I do not know how I will react to other birds being in my space but I do like to talk to them and listen to them from afar at the moment.

So this is me, I hope there is a nice loving family out there willing to open their home and heart for me, I am just really looking for a place to settle down for the rest of my life. If this is you then please apply and I look forward to meeting you.



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