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Hi, Mick dundee

PP number: PP1372


Name: Mick Dundee


Species: Rosella


Adoption fee: £35



Hi all prospective forever mummies and daddies, I am a very pretty rosella addict you can see.


Current Presentation:

I am a bit of a mystery as I am a found bird so I keep my history close to my chest.



I am starting to gently take pistachio nuts from my safehouse daddy but I would benefit from more training as I am a little nervous.



I currently eat tidy mix which I enjoy, I also have fresh fruit and veggies which I especially enjoy. I do love scrambled eggs too and a little bit of chicken.



I am not afraid of anything that is put in my cage and will happily play on my own. I do enjoy a tootle around on the floor and playing with toys, specially the small foot toys.


I am a sweet, happy chirpy and content little chap, and as long as I have a large cage or aviary stocked with a good supply of toys, I am happy to potter around exploring.
I am scared of hands but I’m not aggressive.
I am really easy and happy to amuse myself but love a good fly about

Location: Kent

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