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Hi, we are Mia & Pepe

PP number: PP547/1183


Name: Mia & Pepe


Species: Quaker & Alexandrine


Adoption fee: £240



Hi we would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Pepe and I’m a Quaker and I’m Mia and I’m an Alexandrine. We need to find our forever home together as we are the best of friends. You can view any videos and photos of us by visiting problem parrots extra on the Facebook page.


Current Presentation

We are currently in a very busy safehouse as we share the space with four other Parrots and four loud children. We have separate cages but we like being out together otherwise if we can’t see each other we both get upset. We both like to shoulder surf and chill out. We are out of our cages pretty much all day. We have no preference to who we like whether your female,male or small humans. Mia will step up and Pepe will follow, Pepe can be overprotective with Mia and go to bite. Pepe can do a couple of tricks to get his favourite treat pine nuts. We don’t mind having a shower and we also bathe ourselves. We like to do our own things and we will come to you to sit on your shoulder, we are not too sure about head scratches yet but our safehouse humans are trying to convince us that hands can be good. At night we get covered over around 8pm our cages are side by side and our safehouse humans wrap the blankets around the side and front of our cages so that we can still see other at nighttime. Mia is the chilled out one where Pepe likes to go and explore and get up to things he shouldn’t as he’s got a very cheeky side to him. Mia can say Pepe name, and Pepe can be very vocal when you make him do something he doesn’t want to do like being put back into his cage. When putting us back in our cages Mia is to be put back in first as then Pepe will go in his without any problems.



Pepe can turn around and give his foot for a tasty pine nut and Mia can give her foot for a tasty treat too.



We are on tidy mix seed and in the mornings with have a balanced diet of a variety of fruit and vegetables.



We like playing with our toys, and Pepe has his own stick that he likes to play with. We like being out of our cages and sitting on top of them cuddling up together as Pepe loves Mia grooming him.



Pepe and Mia are looking for a home that they can call theirs. They are so very different in characters and very entertaining. With loads of time and patience these two wonderful birds will make someone some lovely pets.


 Location:  Derbyshire

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