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Hi, We are Mia & Pepe

PP number: PP1183 / 547


Name:Mia & Pepe


Species: Alexandrine & Quaker


Cage supplied: Yes 2 of


Adoption fee: £165




Hello! I am Mia the Alexandrine a sweet, gentle giant who is full of love. I am 3 years young and a really good girl! And I am Peppy the Quaker, a small bundle of giggles, tricks and sweetness. We are super friendly birds who love to be around everyone, and once you have our trust we will stick to you like glue! We are super clever and silly birds at heart! You can see more of our pictures and videos by searching #MiaandPeppy on the Problem Parrots Extra group on Facebook.


Current Presentation

Peppy seems to prefer women and Mia prefers men, but we will sit with anyone, even the little humans. We aren’t biters at all, Mia is super gentle and will hold your finger in her mouth and push away if she is content where she is. Peppy can be a little feisty when it comes to his cage as he is quite territorial (but we are working on this). When it comes to bedtime Peppy has to see Mia go into her cage first and then he will follow. We were introduced to our safehouse mums Conure whilst he was in his cage but we weren’t too keen and kept our distance. He tends to come down and visits us now and again and he doesn’t seem all that bad, we are getting used to seeing him. Mia loves a spray shower and will show off her beautiful wings, whereas peppy tries to avoid it but eventually gets a shower too!

Our daily routine? Well, our safehouse mum wakes us up with a big bowl of chop for breakfast and its always something different as we love to taste different foods! We are out of the cage by 11am to do some training, we keep up with shake, spin and are learning new tricks! This is our favourite time because with training comes treats… and we love them! Sugar snap peas and pine nuts are to die for! Then we are free to explore the rooms and we are super good as we are not destroyers! We are put back in the cage for dinner and fresh chop, and once the humans have finished their dinner we go back out for a fly about and shoulder surf for attention off each human whilst they are sat in the living room!



We are super clever birds! Peppy and I both shake fingers (when you put your finger towards our feet and say shake) and give kisses (pucker up them lips and we will give you a beaky kiss). Peppy knows how to spin. We are both learning to step up and recall. The only way we will do this at the start is if you bribe us with our favourite treat (watch our eyes when we see them) PINE NUTS!



In our morning chop we try loads of different foods, our favourites are sugar snaps, apple, peppers and cucumber. Our usual food is a mix of AS30 and Tidymix, we have some treats mixed in with these like carrot flakes and extra chillies. Oh, and we do love a piece of toast when we see you eating yours!



We have a variety of toys which are placed, in and around the cage to play with. Peppy has a swinging perch which he loooves to move so it is upside down, and if you put it the right way around he will be straight to it making sure it stays upside down. We love to come out of the cage and sit on your shoulder as you do your thing. We love to nibble ears and peppy seems to be quite the hair stylist as our safehouse mum said. We love to have a fly around and explore the rooms, wherever Mia goes Peppy shortly follows. We love having a busy house as we get to meet so many different people of so many different ages and our mum says that we are so well behaved with everyone! We make everyone giggle with our signature head movements, and like to go extra when they copy us!



Mia and peppy are wonderful birds who would fit in really well within a family. Once they are familiar with you they will not leave your side and will show you so much love. They love to be out the cage as much as possible and spend their day with you, making you giggle and fall in love with them even more. They are familiar with dogs, children and adults. They are very easy going and not aggressive unless peppy catches you touching the cage he is in or on top of (but it is a working progress). They have massive personalities and are an amazing pair. We are a little chatty but what’s not to expect?

Location: South Wales

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