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Hi, I’m Merlin

PP number: PP1194


Name: Merlin


Species: Budgie


Adoption fee: Price on application



Hi, I’m Merlin – a petite but perfectly formed budgie. I love to show off my beautiful turquoise feathers and long tale to the ladies! Do you have a flock I could join?

I’m about 5 years old. I came into the charity after my mate sadly passed away. I was lonely without any other birds to keep me company so my owner decided to let me find a new family with birds to play with.


Current Presentation:
I’m a handsome, fully feathered budgie – one of my favourite things is to zoom around my safe house living room as fast as I can! I’m quite small for a budgie so my safe house family say I’m like a little humming bird!


I’m quite nervous around people so my safe house Mum has been focusing on talking to me and getting me used to her putting her hands on my cage. You would need to work with me to help me get used to your hands so I can eventually learn to step up.


I eat a mix of budgie seed and millet. Sometimes I’ll eat the fruit and veggie chop my safe house Mum makes, especially the carrots and peas! I’ve tried some ZuPreem pellets but I wasn’t overly keen…safe house Mum keeps putting them in my bowl though!


As well as flying, I love to admire and chatter away to myself in my mirror and to sing to the ladies who I’m boarding with. I’m discovering the joy of shredding toys! Sometimes safe house Mum puts of a box of toys and things to shred on the floor of my cage – the other birds here love this and I sometimes go and have a look too, especially if I can see there’s millet!


Merlin is a beautiful bird who loves being part of the flock, singing away in his chirpy little voice. He’s currently lodging alongside budgies and cockatiels – he prefers the budgies but will sit quite happily with the cockatiels. He really needs to go to a home with other birds and where he will have lots of space to fly.
He’s can be a little bit timid around humans and is scared of hands; but he does like to sit and listen to me and the kids chat to him and he has never attempted to bite.
It’s lovely looking after him and I think he’ll be a great addition to a group of small birds.

 Location: Reading

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