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Hi, I’m Max

PP number: PP1389


Name: Max



Congo African Grey


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Hi I’m Max a d I’m a beautiful African Grey,   I’m a funny character the men here keep telling me as I make loads of funny noises ,   we believe I’m around 35 years young.  I’ great condition and I think I look really good.   I do like all the food they are feeding me especially the veg in the morning although one of my sh dads have to be quick with my bowl or ill get his hand,  my other sh dad I kept him as I think his better haha.



Not much is known about max’s history other then his around 35 years old .


Current Presentation:

Max is a beautiful grey fully feathered, max is a bit cage territorial and will try to get you when you clean his cage . Max loves to dance and says a few words like hello, wow and something I still can’t work out. He makes a noise as you open his door that’s like a wooooooo. He also says a few choice words every now and then but we ignore those. Max has a portable perch he will step up onto and let you move him around but won’t step up onto hands or arms just yet. Max does love to listen to music and watch cartoons on the TV. His fairly quiet until you cover him over of a night then he spends about an hour making lots of funny sounds. Overall Max is a lovely grey who will make a great addition to any family once he trust you.




Max is slowly learning to trust us and let us near to his cage as he can be defensive ,   stepping up is also slow but he will step straight up onto his portable perch just not onto hands yet.



Max is currently on J&J lean and fit,  daily fruit and vegetables and soaking seeds.



Max came into the charity with his travel cage and his own cage but it’s not ideal for him so he will need a new cage as the one he came with is rather small for him.     Max didn’t have many toys so we have slowly been introducing them to him and he seems to be taking interest in them more and more.   Max does love to sit on his door or on top of his cage and watch everything that is going on.   Max does love to be carried around on his own travel perch that he came with and will happily step straight up onto it.


Max is a beautiful grey and makes some real funny noises.   He likes to go wooooooo when you open his cage door,  he shouts Wow he does thick his a cat and will meow purr and hiss like one .    He also does say a few choice words every now and then but we have chose to ignore them.   Max does like to have a good chatter on a night when he gets covered over but will settle after a while.   He can be cage defensive and will try his best to get you when you change his papers of food and water.

Max is fairly quiet but does have his moments but with the noises he makes its quite funny and very entertaining.   Max will definitely need a new cage and plenty of toys to keep him occupied.  He doesn’t seem to bothered by our other birds as long as they don’t go anywhere near his cage.




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