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Hi, I’m Kishy

PP number: PP503


Name: Kishy


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one 


Adoption fee: £150




Hi I am a beautiful Blue Fronted  Amazon so I’ve been told,  I live here with my safe house mum and dad I can be very noisy and love to sing and shout to my safehouse friends over the road but they love me so thats OK.


I was previously adopted but due to no fault of my own I sadly had to come back into the charity.  I did live with cats 

Current Presentation: 

I have made big steps over the short time I have been in my safehouse I am slowly starting to like veg but this is because my safehouse mum makes me sweet potato and vegetables biscuits and these taste quite yummy.

I do love a head tickle and lots of them especially when it’s bed time and I enjoy having beak strokes also.  I sometimes have little people come around to my safehouse I sometime do talk to them but I don’t like their fingers near my cage as this makes me nervous, the man here tickles me and I will step up onto a perch for him.

I will go back into my cage for a yummy almond. I have a friend in the house called alexa and worked out if I say hello enough times she will sing music to me so of course I think it would be rude if I don’t join in with her also I do secretly think I could win x factor but my safehouse mum say no I’d make there ears bleed.

I do have a potty mouth at times but this is slowly getting better. I do try and be sexy with my safehouse mum but she doesn’t show attention to this so I give up on doing it after a while. I go to bed about 8pm and wake up around 9am, I don’t make a sound at bedtime as long as I get tickles. I do like a spray in my cage but not tried a shower yet. I do live with 2 dogs and a cat, I don’t mind these been around when I’m away safely in my cage.I really do love the attention and can be loud if I’m ignored. 


I don’t step up on to hands but I will step up on to a perch when I feel like it but my safehouse thinks over time and lots of yummy treats I may step up onto your hand. 


I currently eat Tidymix and love oranges and melon my safehouse mum keeps trying me with different vegetables in my bowl but I’m not over keen on them still but she makes me sweet potato biscuits with different vegetables to try and help me eat them.


I’m a bit of a Bob the builder, I’ve reshaped the corners of the TV and tried to sort the door frames out to try make them fit. I also love a bit of wallpaper stripping this seems fun too. I didn’t really play with toys at first that I came to my safehouse so they bought me some different ones and I seem to prefer them. I do like coming out of my cage .


I’m a loving bird that just wants lots of cuddles and someone to be around most of the time to work with me so I can trust them. Would love to have someone to sing with me as this is what I do best 🙂 so I can call it my forever home. I have been known not to like other birds as I have been aggressive to them so would prefer to be on my own where I can get the attention or where we can have separate times out. 

If you have room in your heart for me please apply for me much love kishy 


 Location:  Great Yarmouth

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