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Hi, I’m Gizmo

PP number: PP1029


Name: Gizmo


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: CITES




My name is Gizmo, I’m at least 10 years of age, sex unknown. I’m a man’s bird and sometimes get a little carried away with my hormones when I’m on my SH dads shoulder or knee, I enjoy head tickles and shoulder surfing and a fly round the house although can be a little clumsy at landing. I do talk, so far I’ve said hello, good boy Giz, stroke, night night, come on, I yawn, blow raspberries and much more, every day brings a new noise. I don’t like children and will nip if one comes near, I don’t like women either but won’t attack, I just shy away from them. I’m not too good with new toys but slowly get used to them after they have been near my cage for a while… I love to destroy cardboard boxes though.


I lived with my last owner for over 10 years, unfortunately a relationship breakdown forced me to be given into the rescue, and previous to my last owner I lived in a pub, and can sometimes let a little swear word slip.

Current Presentation:

I’m fully feathered and can fly but a little clumsy, I have in the past had a broken wing which has set low but doesn’t affect my day to day life.


My SH dad says I’m pretty well behaved but will require work on stepping up and table manners, as I used to bed fed table food so can try to steal food when its feeding time, even if I have my own food in front of me. Also can be a little cage territorial but fine when I’m out.


Harrisons pellet and AS30, will eat all my fruit and veg cause I’m a good boy


I really enjoy a big carboard box with treats inside to keep me occupied, I like to spend lots of time with my SH dad but can get hormonal and need to be left to calm down sometimes, not really a lover of toys but I’m learning slowly, I like to throw plastic cups and containers as a game.


I need a man to look after me, don’t like kids much, or women. Love lots of time out of my cage, love a bath in my water bowl or spray… Really easy going parrot really… doesn’t mind other birds (at least another CAG anyway)


Location: Manchester

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