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Hi, I’m Marshmellow

PP number: PP1276


Name: Marshmellow (Mush)


Species: Goffins Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275



My name is Marshmellow and I am a 7 year old Goffins Cockatoo, I enjoy spending my days cage free with lots of human company either looking out the window or spending my time on your shoulder exploring everything with you.



I came from a very loving home and was very spoilt but due to change in circumstances I am now looking for my forever home.


Current Presentation:

I am definitely a mans birds, I will tolerate my other humans and I am quiet affectionate towards my SH mom. I enjoy spending my days cage free so this is important I’m used to only having my cage for eating and sleeping. I like to be covered at night and have my full 12 hours sleep, my safe house mom says that I am very quiet for a cockatoo and have my occasional outbursts just to remind them I am here or I’m wanting something from you.

I am currently being safe housed  in a mixed parrot home I wouldn’t say that I like other birds and If they get to close I’ll show them my wings and give them a telling off but I haven’t shown any real aggression.



The possibilities are endless with this little guy he enjoys being involved in your daily tasks and exploring once he’s found his confidence. Marshmellow will step up but prefers to step on to your arm rather then hand. I’ve yet to try a harness on him but with how much he loves looking outside I wouldn’t be surprised if once he knew where he was going he would allow one to be put on him.



Marshmellow loves his food he is on a AS30 seed diet along with his chop & fruit he also has lots of healthy treats nuts, scrambled egg porridge I’ve been trying lots of different things with him he also loves his tea and sesame/garlic sticks so a varied diet for Mush is really important.



Marshmellow likes to forage and he has a foraging wheel that he loves so we keep topping it up with treats and foraging materials, he is a little weary of new toys and takes him a while to start playing with them.



Marshmellow is a lovely bird who just adores company he would need to have a male career involved as he absolutely adores men but he does happily spend his days with me his SH mom, he would also need a home that can allow him to live cage free through the day as this is what he as always been allowed to do. Marshmellow is in safe house with 2 young children and so far he has flew onto my son a couple of times Marshmellow likes to do things at his own pace so regarding handling especially by children I would let him approach them first.

Overall Marshmellow is a young active bird that needs lots of enrichment and time spent being a bird he loves human company but he does need to have time out foraging & playing and learning how to entertain himself with these things provided as he will happily perch on your shoulder all day he also constantly over preens which you can see by his feathers and this is most likely due to being over handled by humans.


Location: West Midlands

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