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Hi, I’m Marshmallow

PP number: PP1039


Name: Marshmallow


Species: Goffins cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275




My name is Marshmallow I am a 7 year old Goffin Cockatoo. I enjoy spending my days cage free with lots of human company either looking out the window or spending my time on your shoulder exploring everything with you. Plus I’m a naughty tinker.



I came from a very loving home and was very spoiled. Due to change in circumstances I am looking for my forever home.



Current Presentation:


**Whoever wants to be my new family needs to understand and accept…. I seem all sugar and spice but I’m also snips and snails. Once the honeymoon period of nice ends I will bite you, I like to hold on tight too. I am cage aggressive. My cage and out time rooms need to be separate places. I need training and dedication full time or I will revert to the bad attitude. I will need an experienced bird family, preferably one dealt with a “problem parrot” **
I do prefer the male humans however I will happily be with the female adults. Best not have young children around me. I have been a lone bird. I’m recently experiencing being with other birds. It’s exciting to start with. I love making new friends. I get obsessed very quickly, I might not let you near the other bird or become a huge pest to them. If you have parrots they need to be strong willed characters who will tell me to back off! Plus I must need to be supervised.
I affectionately love cuddles and tickles can sit for ages with you if in the mood. Due to my aggressive behavior I am learning to be in my cage more. Lots of toys and things to chew. I can entertain myself better than I used to. I will scream for attention.
I’m a magician !!
I like to be covered at night and have my full 12 hours of sleep. My new safe house mum has noticed a few extra hours of darkness has made me calmer. During the night I will call out, be it cute or scream. My safe house says I am fairly quiet for a Cockatoo!!


The possibilities are endless, he enjoys being involved in your daily tasks and exploring once he’s found his confidence and susses you out.
Marshmallow will step up, on his terms not when asked. Learning hand step, plus being taught having toes held for moving room to room. Harness has not been tried; with how much he loves looking outside wouldn’t be surprised if once he knew where he was going he would allow one to be put on him. He has been going out for walks in a buggy, gets very excited and shouts to anything which moves. It calms him for hours afterwards which is amazing for his stress levels.

Marshmallow loves his food!!!!! Currently on tidy mix seed and converting to pellets, he loves to dunk in water. He will try all the veg and fruit given. Healthy treats, sesame/garlic sticks and a nut or two a bedtime treat. Adores chamomile tea.


Marshmallow likes to forage, give him a box and hide lots. He can be weary of new toys and it takes him a while to start playing with them. Also be careful he can get obsessed with ‘his’ belongings.


Marshmallow is a lovely bird who adores company. Happily entertains himself or quietly sits watching the world go by.
However he also has this very aggressive side too. He will play games and lure you in, with his cuteness. He will push all your buttons and give you scars.
He would need to have a male career involved daily, he absolutely adores men. Plus he could be more willing to be the good boy he can be. Marshmallow likes to do things at his own pace. Needs reminding and time spent being a bird; he does need to have time out foraging, playing and learning how to entertain himself. He constantly over preens which you will need to monitor; this is most likely due to being over handled by humans.
My safe house mum says I have the biggest character, loving and super cute. Plus says I’m a Chihuahua with feathers heehee.




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