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Hi, I’m Marley

PP number: pp1277






Congo african grey


Adoption fee: £300



Hi I’m Marley I’m a Congo Africa grey ,we aren’t sure when my birthday is or age but we think I’m around 12 years old ,I came into the charity due to no fault of my own sadly my own is really ill and could no longer look after me.





I came into problems parrots not to long ago due to my owner becoming very ill and no longer been able to care for my needs due to the owners heath. I was cared for by a male and he was able to handle me quite well until he became ill so we believe I would suit more a male career than female although I will let females clean me out and feed me. I have been in this safehouse for a little while and sometime can be a little cage aggressive but might be because the safehouse is a female and males use to other birds been around me and other furry animals but when I’m safe in my cage.

Current Presentation:


‘m in a safehouse where a few other birds live and sometime the safehouse has grandchildren around these don’t bother me as they come talk to me or just me to get on with my quite destructive with toys as love to chew them at first I can be quite scared of them but if u leave them so I can see them and then I will let u put them into my cage. I do like to be out of my cage and happy to play on top with cardboard etc I haven’t step up but think this is due to the safehouse been a safehouse does give me a shower sometime I can be fine with this sometime I just move away as not very keen. I don’t mine the 4 Legged animals been around as long as these are away before I come out of my not really loud but I do love to make noises, I also love to make a mess with my food if the bowls are screwed in then they will be emptied as I find this fun to pull the bowls from the holders if I can not get the bowls out I then sometimes get feet fulls of food and throw it, this doesn’t matter if its seed or veg chop.



I need work on stepping up because Marley hasn’t done so yet but wondering if this is because he is more a man bird with the original owner been a man and been able to handle him.




Im currently feed a bit of a mixture so my main diet is fresh vegetables and fruit soaking seeds and sprouted seed I also in the evening have a small amount of mix which is tops pellets mixed with as30 no peanut no sunflower/tidymix and with a little tropican pellets.




I love playing with anything I can rip up from paper to boxes on string .I love ripping up paper and make a right mess with it as love to throw it around. I do like having company around.



Marley ideally needs a man as think this will help with him been brought up by a man he’s not to keen on women but wouldn’t attack you. he loves to make noises and mess so as long as you are not worried about to much mess he’s your bird. Marley would do well with someone who’s had Grey’s before and is a confident handle and strong in there way and not worried about been bite. Marley doesn’t come with a cage so would need one once hes found his forever home.





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