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Hi, I’m Mango

PP number: PP854


Name: Mango


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £300



Mango has turned into an amazing bird. he has no preference to male or female but does like to do things on his own terms. if he doesn’t want to he will let you know.

He gets on well with  other birds and comes out with sh dads grey and conure.

Mango has a large cage to come with him but seems more settled and happier in a smaller one so a new one might be nice. he loves all fruit and veg and eats well.

He will step up on to hands or a stick/perch but again on his terms. he loves to sing and dance and will do this with the children that visit,  however I don’t think younger children are his thing so older ones only please.

Mango loves company and would benefit from having as much time as possible out. he loves head scratches from whoever he can and will offer his head for you to do so if he wants them. He is still a little nervous sometimes but once gets to know you settles very well and will make someone a fantastic companion. 

He will need a confident carer as he does like things on his terms and if he can be the boss he will be! but don’t let this put you of because there is a wonderful bird under there.

He’s fun and funny to watch, loves foot toys and all his cage toys  he will need his training continued as he never really had any before.  He is only just over two so still plenty of time to learn, target and clicker training would help.

Mango can be noisy when in his cage this settles when he is out,  he likes to let you know he wants food, out time etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sh mango and will miss him but he needs his forever home


Please note:  His cage is very large and will probably need a van to move it.


Location: Telford

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