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Hi, I’m Mango

PP number: PP542


Name: Mango


Species: Citron Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275



Hi my name is Mango, I’m a very handsome cockatoo who just loves life and cuddles



I came into the charity through no fault of my own and sadly my adoption failed because of personal circumstances


Current Presentation:

I have most of my feathers and they’re slowly growing back, so with time and the right diet and care, they’ll all grow back.



I don’t need much training as I’m a good boy, or so they keep telling me. I step up for men and women, I go back in my cage when I’m told.

The only thing I do need some work with is that I’m very cage territorial and will chance a good bite if you’re not quick enough.



I will eat anything you give me, I love my food. I’m currently eating Johnson and Jeff lean and fit, I get lots of different fruit and veggies every day which I clean my bowl out. I do love a walnut to crack open to get the nut out.



Where do I start? I love boxes, the bigger the better. I also love wooden toys to play with but did I mention I love boxes? I love being out of my cage spending time with people getting head tickles and dancing with them. I can be vocal too when they sing with me.



Mango is an absolute pleasure to safehouse, he is such a funny, excitable bird who just thrives on attention. He loves to sing and dance, loves anyone to play with him, spending time with people is his goal.

He can be cage territorial if you touch his cage when he is inside or on top so please be aware of this.

He spends lots of time inside a cardboard box shredding papers and chewing his way out of it. We do have to put him back inside his cage for food as he will go all day without eating as he’s having so much fun.

He loves to wander round the floor looking for you if he hasn’t seen you for a while. He does not like children, so please be aware of this. He will not bite them but he will get extremely upset and screech at them.

All in all, Mango is a lovely friendly bird who will go to either male or female, whoever is offering the snuggles and head tickles. He doesn’t over bond as long as he spends time with other people.

If you think you are the right family for Mango, then please apply.


 Location: Durham

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