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Hi, I am Mambo

PP number: PP640






black headed caique


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Hi, I’m Mambo, I’m a black headed caique and extremely handsome! I don’t know how old I am but I am certainly young at heart.


Unfortunately I have to come back into the charity to find a new home due to no fault of my own.


Current Presentation

I am a fully feathered handsome fella and love to fly… a nice big space would be perfect so I can exercise and stretch my wings.



I will happily step up and I am quite a gentle little fella, but when I am hormonal, I can growl like a dog if you go near my food. So some training to let me learn that you aren’t going to take my food would be good.



Well I will try anything, and if I like it, it becomes my favourite food. I like most things and have a habit of dipping my food and treats in my water.

I am eating AS30 seed mix which I enjoy, and most veggies.



I love my toys and you’ll find me playing football on the bottom of my cage, or on the floor if I’m out and about. I do like a walk around the floor and will investigate the room.



Mambo is such a character. Very playful, he loves to jump along the windowsill and get the attention of passers by. He likes to play on the floor and is very nosey and likes to be in places he shouldn’t be. He is a real gentle fella when he wants to be, but when his hormones kick in, going near his food bowl can cause a little dog like growl.

He will only take a bath in his water bowl, will not use a purpose made parrot bath. He loves a pine nut when he’s been a good boy and loves chatting to Yoshi his house companion. They have a total love/hate relationship but are not allowed out of their cages together. Mambo is a typical Caique with a massive personality. He loves his toys and you’ll find him playing football on the bottom of his cage, or on the floor if he’s out and about.

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