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Hi, we are Maki, Mori and Maru

PP number: PP1424, 1425, 1426


Name: Maki, Mori and Moru


Species: cockatiels


Adoption fee: £60



Meet Maki, Mori and Maru the 3 cockatiels. Mori is a grey faced, 12 year old, male cockatiel
who loves to tweet away and whistle. Maru is an approximately 18 month old female lutino, she
will sit on your hand or shoulder and you can stroke her. Maki is approximately 18 months old
too, female and pearl.



These cuties arrived at Problem Parrots from no fault of their own, their old owners were unable
to look after them anymore. Mori, the white-faced cockatiel came all the way from America with
his owners.


Current Presentation:

All the birds are flighted and fully feathered. They like to whistle and preen at one another. All
are displaying natural behaviours and are healthy.



Mori and Maki are not tame and are nervous of people, but with training this could get much
better. Maru can step up willingly, but does not understand the command yet. She will let you
stroke her too. All would benefit from more training and the opportunity to fly. They are not the
best at this yet.



They all arrived eating seeds and switching them to fruit, vegetables and pellets has been a
challenge. They will eat a few tropican pellets and some apples at the moment. This is a slow
process and will take time.


They enjoy their cage and see it as their safe space, so they love playing with rattan toys and
toy with shredded paper



These birds are a pleasure to look after, but deserve a forever home. They all need to go
together as they are all friends


 Location: South Wales

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