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Hi, I’m Luna

PP number: PP715


Name: Luna


Species: Blue Cheeked Conure


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £100





Hi I’m Luna. I’ve been with my safehouse for a few weeks now and has settled quite well. I do prefer the ladies and do go to bite my sh dad but he’s never gives into me and I do as he asks in the end. I am quite cage territorial but out of the cage I am a lovely bird. I like to talk and say things such as ‘tickle tickle, what you doing? Hello and I will blow kisses too. I also love to dance to music!



Luna has unfortunately come back into the charity through no fault of his own


Current Presentation:

He is a fully feathered beautiful Blue Cheeked Conure.



Luna is clicker trained so this will need to be continued. He will step up and also goes back into his cage with no problems either. He does like his food and can be easily trained because of this. He will do anything for a pine nut.



Luna will have fresh fruit and veg in the day with a parakeet seed mix in the evening. He loves eggs, couscous with chilli flakes and pasta also.



Luna likes to be out of his cage for most of the day and will not attempt to destroy anything in the livingroom while unsupervised. He is out first thing in the morning and doesn’t go back in until the evening.  He will spend a lot of time playing on top of his cage with his toys. He does like to have a fly around the room every now and again also. He loves a bath with a spray and will bathe in his water bowl as well.  His favourite toys are his ropes and his mirrors.  He prefers to be on top of his cage as its his own space and he will play there all day happily. He will screech for attention when he’s in his cage but once he is out, he soon stops. He does love to dance to music and we do leave the radio on for him all day. (Radio 2 is his favourite!)



Luna is a fantastic little parrot who enjoys his freedom out of the cage. He is quite happy entertaining himself by playing with his toys on top on his cage. He does like to interact with you and will talk to you. He gets up at 7am, has his breakfast and then he is free to do as he pleases. He will go back into his cage when he is ready for bed which is usually around 7pm. He does get covered over with his blanket. As mentioned above he does seem to prefer the ladies but will tolerate men. We have no children so not sure how he will be around them. He has been known to try and dominate other birds although he has shown no signs of this here and has been fine with my conure. All in all Luna is a pleasure to safehouse so If you feel you can offer Luna a forever home please apply.


 Location: Scunthorpe

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