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Hi, I’m Luna

PP number: PP1154


Name: Luna


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes but will need a new large one


Adoption fee: £400





Hi my names Luna, I am approximately 4 years old and female. I am a fully feathered beautiful young girl who is looking for a forever home. I am a typical umbrella cockatoo I can be noisy and I love attention so will need lots of this. Please check me out on the problem parrots extra page.


Not a lot is known about my background. My Last owners brought me to problem parrots because I squawk a lot for attention as I didn’t know what else to do and I used to attack the female in the house.


Current Presentation:
Luna was unsettled for a couple of days when she first arrived, she has now settled in well. She is a very nervous bird and doesn’t like loud noises, a nice quiet house will be perfect for her. She came to us as a mans bird and known for biting women, she will need a male carer. she will tolerate women but she has been known to attack them but she hasn’t done that here. She doesn’t like young children but loves teenagers, she thinks young children are too noisy and she will attack them. Luna will need a strict routine she wakes up at 8am has fresh vegetables and she has her tea at 4pm which she has her as30 and goes to bed covered up at 7pm.
Luna will step up to both male and female she does prefer males, she loves a good spray and she loves being out of her cage all day, she has no problem going back into her cage at night time. She can be loud and be a typical cockatoo she loves talking to everyone and loves the attention so she needs lots of this or lots of toys to keep her occupied. She isnt destructive or cage territorial. She just sits in the window all day watching people and cars go by.


Luna is getting on really good with her training she will step up to sh mum and dad even the teenagers, she will go in her cage at bedtime with a little bit of seed in her bowl.



Luna’s diet wasn’t very good when she came to us she was on a sunflower seed diet, we have changed her to as30 and she loves it. She will eat any green vegetable loves peas and broccoli she is not to keen on fruit but she will try it.
Luna loves bottle tops it will keep her entertained for hours, she loves chewing up cardboard boxes and wooden toys she will need lots of these. As Luna loves squawking for attention so she will need lots of toys to keep her busy.


Luna is a lovely bird she loves to sit on your lap and have cuddles, she will need a male career she has been known to bite women but she hasnt done this here. She will need a quiet home with no young children as she will attack them,, she is a nervous bird and doesn’t like loud noises. She will need a good routine and lots of toys to keep her entertained or she will cuddle you all day if she could. she can be loud we are trying to reduce the squawking it’s getting better . She loves talking she will say hello, hello kid and a lot more. She will make a lovely bird for someone who can give her the attention she needs.

 Location:  Northwich, Cheshire

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