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Hi, I’m Luna

PP number: PP1132


Name: Luna


Species: Green Cheek Conure


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £100



My name is Luna I am 4yrs old. I am a Green Cheek Conure and very cheeky.


History / Background:

My previous owner was unable to handle me as I bite and I am not tame, and they were unable to get me to go back in my cage.


Current Presentation:

I am an easy bird, men, women or older children welcome. I’m not sure about little children as my safe house mum and dad only have a giant child here (17) . My safe house also has an amazon but I don’t bother with her .
I like to be sprayed and will bathe in my water bowl . I like to get up around 8am and go to bed around 7pm.
I am not used to being out of the cage and can be a little nervous at first, I will have a little fly around then land back on my cage. My safe house mum and dad have been working with me to try and step up but they’re not having much luck as they think that my previous owners didn’t teach me to trust them and step up for them. they are trying everyday and hopefully I will learn to trust them as they are sneaky and try and bribe me with walnuts and grapes.

I am not territorial about my cage. I will let anyone in to change my bowls and clean my castle. I like my swing and my little hut.



I love my Tidymix. I eat most fruits and veg although grapes are my favourite so the safe house guys are keeping them back as bribes, I also like millet and nuts as long as you break them a little for me as I’m really quite a small bird.



I have lots of toys in my cage and will play with them happily, my safe house like to hide treats in my foraging ball and hang things for me.



Luna is a very nervous bird but is learning to trust, she hadn’t really been out of her cage in the 4 yrs that her previous owners had her. So she is rightfully nervous and will give you a good nip if she has had enough. I don’t talk although I do make some good screeches when I want attention.
Luna will need someone who has lots of time and patience and someone who isn’t afraid of a little nibble.
Please check me out on Problem Parrots PP 1132
As some times us little guys get overlooked but we are as silly and funny as the big guys.


 Location: St Helens

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