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Hi, I’m Lulu

PP number: PP962


Name: Lulu


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi I’m lulu I am a Congo African grey my age is unknown. I’m looking for a forever loving home, I am plucked but that’s OK as I am slowly letting my feathers come back but I do need to kept an eye on as I do still go for them. I really don’t like men and I do have a very big vocabulary and I do swear so this needs to be taken into account.


I have been in my safehouse for a while now because we’ve been trying to give me time to settle down and help reduce my plucking, but I am slowly growing new feathers but I do still pluck them if not kept an eye on.  I lived with a lady for some years and sadly she no longer could look after me this is why I came into the charity. I was sprayed with antiplucking spray and when I’m sprayed I do say no or swear at you for doing it due to my history but in fact I’m not too worried about been sprayed with water. I really don’t like men and if they are around I will attack them so for this reason I do need a female carer. I do like to chat away and love the attention. I was on a poor diet before coming into the charity.

Current Presentation: 

I do love being with my current safehouse mum as I take food from her.  I love talking to her she finds me funny with new things I come out with.

I do love the attention from females but if a male was to come and talk to me I will fluff up as if I was to attack. When I come out of my cage I am quite easy to go back in but it’s hard for me to come out of my cage as I only seem to like to come out from the top of it when it’s been secured but over time I’m sure I will get used  to coming through the front as I’m happy to go back into my cage this way.

I don’t have my cage covered at night as it’s quiet in my safehouse in the evening as there is only my safehouse mum here apart from when the little people come over at the weekend but I’m not worried about these. I do live with other friends in the house and I’m not worried about these as I do prefer just to stay on top of my cage

I don’t come with a cage so will need a new one once I’ve found my loving home.


I will step up on to a perch and will slowly walk down to your arm but that’s only once I have the confidence to do this but will only do this for a female as I will attack a man. I’ve never bitten my safehouse mum. 


I’m currently eating Tidymix,  I have a variety of fruit and veg but I do love banana, apples and grapes these are my favourite but I don’t have too many of these. 


I do love wooden toys these are my favourite as I love to destroy these. I also love ripping up the news paper at the bottom of my cage and making a mess with it this is great fun. I do love destroying things including my safehouse mums blinds this was great fun although she wasn’t happy I made holes in them. I’ve also made holes in the curtains too. I do like ripping things up like paper or cardboard. I don’t mind been sprayed with a water bottle I have slowly got better with this although there are times where I will tell you no.


Lulu needs a home where there are no males around and a female main carer as she will attack them. Somewhere there is no small children due to her swearing this needs to be taken into account. Lulu needs someone around most of the day as this will help her to hopefully keep new feathers also she loves the attention from people. Lulu has been great fun to have in safehouse and hopefully we will find her a loving forever home soon.

Location: Norwich

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