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Hi, I’m Lulu

PP number: PP1291


Name: Lulu


Species: Yellow Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300





Hi I’m lulu, I’m very quiet for a cockatoo and my safehouse family tell me all the time that I’m the most beautiful little girl they have ever seen. I’m having the time of my life here, I absolutely love sitting on top of my cage, a door or on someone’s knee and having some lovely head scratches. I don’t mind who’s knee I sit on, I haven’t got a preference as long as they tickle my head just the way I like it. You will know if I like it as I’ll use my foot and tickle under my chin. I will also give you kisses and preen you, safehouse mum keeps saying that’s enough preening as she doesn’t want me to over bond with anyone, what does she know though! I love being out of my cage all day, safehouse mum is home all day here so I can do it. I will let out a bit of a scream though if I’m left in a room for too long without seeing someone, I like to know where you are at all times.



Lulu is believed to be around 7/8 years old, and she came into problem parrots as she over bonded with her previous owner and showed aggression towards other family members. This is something that we have not seen whilst in safehouse.


Current Presentation:

Lulu loves to be out of her cage all day, she is quite happy to just sit and chill and watch the world go by. She has got all of her feathers and she loves to have a shower and preen. Lulu has shown no signs of any aggression towards any of us whilst in safehouse. Lulu will go to anyone and will have head tickles from anyone. We have ensured that everyone has given her attention as lulu was known to overbond to previous owner. Lulu goes to bed at 7pm and is covered up until 7am the following morning. She is out of her cage all day and this needs to be continued on as she does love being out and with other bird and adult company.



Lulu will step up however training for this will need to be continued with her forever home. Lulu will take herself off to bed at around 7pm every night and if you say “Go to bed Lulu” she will go inside her cage. Lulu loves being outside in her cage or aviary.



Lulu is slowly starting to try chop and sprouted seeds, this however needs to be continued at a slow pace. Lulu does love orange, apple, grapes, carrot and cucumber and will hold these in her claw. She is now eating as30 too at bedtime. Lulu doesn’t eat any nuts as treats, she will take them but drop them immediately so this needs to be worked on with her.



Lulu is slowly enjoying playing with toys, she’s quite a nervous little girl so new things need to be done slowly so they don’t scare her. She loves hanging wooden blocks and will happily play with them, so far lulu hasn’t shown any interest in foraging even though it’s offered daily. This is something which will need to be continued for her to learn that it’s okay.



Lulu is a lovely, quiet too who will say a few things “what you doing” “hey baby” and also one naughty word. Lulu is fine with children over the age of 10 years old but not under. Lulu is in a safehouse with dogs and the dogs have walked through when the birds are caged and lulu has shown no fear of them. Lulu enjoys having the company of other birds around and has shown no aggression towards any. Lulu won’t go anywhere near them and if they go near her she will fly to a different part of the room. Lulu is quite a timid bird so time and patience with training and food. Lulu has over bonded with her previous owner so someone with experience in over bonded is needed. Lulu can also be nervous when left alone and will scream a bit so she would need someone at home most if not all of the day as she does like to see someone.


 Location:  Wiltshire

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