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Hi, I’m Lucy

PP number: PP979


Name: Lucy


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes but may need a new one once settled


Adoption fee: CITES






Hello everyone, I am a Congo African Grey and I am roughly 20+ years old. My name is Lucy. The only way to describe me is Love Bug.
Pop along to Problem Parrots Extra via facebook, and you can see all my love bug photos. #Lucy #PP979




So I am guessing you want to know all about my past and how I got to be here.
I lived with my lady owner and another African Grey for many years, 20+ we think but could be more. Sadly my lady passed away and I was picked up and taken to a house full of other African Greys, but my buddy didn’t come with me.

I arrived in a cage not suitable for me at all, very lethargic, and struggling to breath. I was taken to the vets where I had a large rhinoleaf removed from my nare. In other words my nose was all gunked up with dust and dirt from my living conditions.

I also had very sore, dirty feet from standing on a plastic perch for many years. I am a large girl, but under weight as I have only ever had a bowl of black sunflower seeds and fed human junk food. Due to living in such a small cage for many years, I did not cope well with regards to movement in a large cage. So I am in a cage that’s bigger but not too big. For the first few weeks I needed scooping up to go back in my cage as I just couldn’t figure out going over the top of the cage. Flying was also out of the question, aswell as this step up thing, and don’t even come near me with that food the other greys eat.


Current Presentation


So that’s the past, lets concentrate on the here and now, because I am a very different bird to the one that came to Problem Parrots.

I still struggle with moving in and out of my cage, but I am so much quicker and confident than I was. I could still do with gaining weight, but I am a sunflower addict, I’m not learning to eat anything else very quickly. Though today I did eat a green bean and some pomegranate, my safehouse mum was so chuffed I got a big cuddle.




Flying, oh boy I took the leap of faith from my cage to the floor, but then panicked as I couldn’t get back on my cage. I now have grown in confidence with flying and as soon as my safe house mum sits on the sofa, I am down there like a bull in a china shop, no I am not very lady like at all with my flying just yet.

Step up, wow, my first step up was by accident because I was stuck on the floor. I had to do it as this arm was right under my belly. I soon realised stepping on the arm was much better than being scooped up. I am more of a step onto the arm than the hand, but I now know this command.




I am on AS20 seed from Scarletts Parrot Essentials. I love Almonds, Cashews and Walnuts. If you pop a pistachio out of the shell I like these as well. Other foods, I have not shown any interest in. Even if I sit with my safe house mum, I am not even interested in pinching her junk food. My safe house mum tried to change my AS20 seed to AS30, but no, no way.




So basic facts I am sure you want to know.
Ladies, yes I like you. Gentlemen, I can be nice, but I can also lure you in with beak rubs on your face before I bite you. Lets face it ladies are better. I love cuddles with my chosen lady.

Children, I have a 4 year old fan who loves me, and I like her to….from a distance and in small doses. I can handle her on the weekends but that’s enough noise for me.

Other birds, wow, I love them, I will follow them everywhere. I lift my wings and bop my head with excitement, but no one has really wanted to be my friend yet. I would really like a home with a feather friend.

Showers, oh I do like a shower, and I need them a lot to keep the dander out of my big old nose hole. But just mist my face, please don’t get a lot of water in my nares as this could do more harm than good.

I have a simple relaxed routine, It involves a lot of sleep, and a lot of out of cage time.
We get up at 10am (or when Rex decides to start quacking and waking us all) we have an hour under avian lamps with our breakfast. I have my seed hidden in vegetables, fruit, chop etc to try and make me eat better. As soon our cage doors are opened, woosh, I am onto the sofa, climbing up my mum on to her chest, snuggling into her neck demanding to be hugged and loved. Her morning cup of tea can wait.

I would sit here all day and cuddle, but my safe house mum says she has to do the chores and then I can have cuddles with a movie.

I am happy playing with my toys till its movie and cuddle time. I’ve only ever had a bell and mirror so all these new toys are fab. I love chewing wood and cardboard, none of that plastic stuff please. If I see something where I can see my own reflection I get very excited, I will ding my beak all day long.

Perches, they scare me. I had a plastic perch for so many years so I am still a little scared to try new ones. But natural perches I like. Its the only type of perch I will stand on. I keep having these concrete ones put in my cage but I am not going near in case they eat me.
I haven’t chewed anything yet apart from a hole in my safe house dads new top, oops.
I am happy to sit on top of my cage playing and looking out of the window. I am nosy so don’t put me in a dark corner, I want to see outside.

Talking, um I haven’t said anything in the months I have been here, but I like to meow and bark to get your attention, meowing usually means tickle my head as you walk past me.
I have started to whistle due to listening to the other grey parrots. Its so much fun listening to them, I will lift my wings with excitement.




All I want is a quiet home, another birdie to be my friend and a lady who has A LOT of time to give me. I don’t want to be sat in my cage for hours waiting for you to come home. I have always been out of my cage all day with a lady around.

I need you to carry on with my stepping up, but my main issue is my diet. I really need a helping hand. So take me into the kitchen with you to prepare them vegetables and I may have a little bite of something. Wooden toys will have me playing all day long, but homemade toys are just as fab as the ones you buy. I have them hung around the top of my cage and I just love them. I love to dig, dig dig dig, dig the carpet or dig in the bottom of my cage. Mum calls it chicken scratching, its just a natural foraging behaviour. So mum makes sure I have a lot of newspaper to scratch in a box.

So, if you think you are the lady for me, what are you waiting for, apply to adopt me NOW and we could be waking up to Santa Christmas morning together. Lots of love from Lucy


Location:  East Sussex

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