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Hi, I’m Lucy

PP number: PP1318


Name: Lucy


Species: Blue-Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £300



Hi, I’m the gorgeous Lucy! I am a beautiful Blue-Fronted Amazon who is believed to be around 7 years old. I am a lovely girl – while I can be stubborn at times, with time and patience I have the potential to be a wonderful companion.



Not much is known about my background, but I have made good progress while I have been in the charity.


Current Presentation:

I am fully feathered and fully flighted, with beautiful colouration on my feathers. The yellow feathers on my shoulders are particularly striking and my general feather condition is very good.



I can step up, but this is on my terms and I will need continued training to improve. I can be very stubborn, but with the right carer, I have the potential to become much more easily handled.



I enjoy a diet of Johnston and Jeff low sunflower seed mix and daily fresh fruit and vegetables. I can be quite picky with food, but am willing to give anything a try! I like to have my seed mix in the morning and a ‘chop’ mix in the afternoon.



I love to be out of my cage all day, either playing on top of my cage or sitting with human companions. I love to play with rope toys and enjoy interaction. I don’t tend to fly very often as I prefer to watch from the top of my cage, but if I’m in a good mood I’ll come to be sociable with my human family.



Lucy is a lovely bird who just needs some love, attention, and training to help her reach her potential. Like most amazon parrots, she can be vocal if she can hear people who are out of sight. She loves to be out all day, and will need someone who can keep her company for as much time as possible. She loves attention and has no preference for men or women. She isn’t destructive. Overall, she is a beautiful, sweet bird who deserves a loving home where someone will continue her training and give her the love she needs.


Location: Cheshire

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