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Hi, lucy

PP number: PP1318


Name: Lucy



Blue fronted amazon


Adoption fee:  £300



Hi I’m Lucy! I’m a beautiful 7 year old girl. Safehouse mum was told that I was a bit of a pickle and loved to bite, however if I fan my tail that means I’m not happy and I’ve not done that too much here.



Lucy came into problem parrots due to over bonding with her previous owner. This is something that her safehouse family are working very hard with Lucy and this would need to be continued on in her forever home.


Current Presentation:

Lucy is a beautiful, fully feathered girl who loves the attention from everyone in the house. Lucy is out of her cage from 7.30am until around 7.00pm every day and safehouse mum is home all day so Lucy has company. Lucy will step up but can nip which the signs are easily spotted when she is going to nip, she will spread her tail feathers. Lucy lives with 4 children and Lucy is gentle with them all.



Lucy will need continued training to ensure she doesn’t over bond with one particular person which is something her safehouse family have been doing from day one.


Lucy eats a varied diet of fresh chop, fruit and as30 seed at bedtime. Lucy loves egg, birdie bread and a treat of some whole meal toast.



Lucy loves her cardboard boxes and any wooden toys. She enjoys foraging for treats of nuts in these daily


Lucy is a lovely little girl with a varied vocabulary. She loves to trick you that the phone is ringing by doing an amazing impression of it. She will also call “mum” repeatedly if you go out of her eyesight for too long. Lucy loves being out of her cage all day and having the freedom of the house with the other safehouse bird.



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