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Hi, I’m Lucky

PP number: PP1173


Name: Lucky


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hi all as many of you know my name is Lucky and I’m a found bird.


Not known as Lucky was a found bird.



I would benefit from some clicker training and maybe learn to hop onto a stick or your hand even.



All fruit and veg with AS30, Lucky has a good appetite.



Love chewing and hunting for treats



3 months ago I was found whilst being attacked by a Fox I was taken to a vets and they fixed me up. I only have 1 leg now but there is no way thats going to stop me doing what I do.
My human slave looked after me and helped me on the road to recovery, he has built me a special wide cage made from 25mm square mesh, Its crucial I have a cage like this as the squares that make it easy for me to climb round. I have lots of perches next to each other, I’m sure my human carer will help you with on going care, I like head tickles and love whistling songs with you. I am not a screamer or to noisy. I’m not a cuddly bird and don’t want to sit on you .
On 1 of my wings I do have a little skin tag/growth . My vet said its nothing to worry about . I can fly very well but I’m not good at landing. Please remember I’m a found bird and my adoption process is a little different so if you think you can offer me a loving home with plenty of time for whistling/singing then I may just me the man for you
I don’t have any real preference of men or ladies . Please remember I need a very special cage that are usually custom built and around £300 to buy once again please contact my human for info on the cage I need thank you for reading about me. Lots of love, Lucky xx

 Location: Essex

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