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Hi, I’m Louis

PP number: PP1193


Name: Louis


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £300





Hi, I’m Louis. I ‘m a very handsome fully feathered orange winged amazon. No one knows my age (and I’m not telling).



I was in my previous 2 homes for about 7 years,, but both times the families lives got very busy and they didn’t have time to look after me. I am known to like being around teenage girls, I’ve met a few in my life and enjoy their company.


Current Presentation:

I am  a very alert, happy little soul ( my safe house mum says) and I keep myself (with their help) in good condition. If I choose  you can give me a head scratch but this sort of thing is on my terms please. I love to be out of my cage finding new places to sit. I am not destructive at all but it can be a challenge getting me back in my cage. Mind you..if you put a little treat in there for me I’m much more inclined to oblige.

I am a confident flyer and will fly around the ground floor, but be careful   because my favourite place is the kitchen and there’s lots of dangerous things in there!

I’m just getting into my toys and I enjoy the company of the cockatiel they have here but we are not out of our cages together. I do have short periods of shouting but it never lasts long.



Although I am friendly I am still unsure of hands so additional training here would be useful. I would appreciate some clicker training with  my new owner as this would help me build confidence in them.



I’m on AS30. Also I have been used to being around humans at meal times and am used to being fed. PP say please don’t give me any bad table food as my safe house has worked hard to get me on a good diet to keep me healthy, My safe house gives some cooked veg. as I won’t eat any raw. I’ve tried lots.  (hopefully you will persevere with the veg cos they are very good for me,) I like fruit too , my favourite is  apple and pear.  I also love peas, corn, beans, sweet potato a bit of carrot , cauli  and swede too. Oh and I love a a hot red chilli to chew up.?

As a treat I love raspberries, blackberries and small black grapes.



I have only just started to play with toys in my cage but if you hide little treats  in there for me it makes it so much more interesting. Most of all I like being out of may cage and hanging out with you.



Louis is a lovely bird to have around. Very calm watches and takes everything in. Quiet at night when the house is asleep. I don’t cover him at all. Mornings he takes a little while to come around.  The sound of his breakfast being prepared usually does the trick. Louis will need a home with older, confident children who don’t mind the noise he’s capable of making.

 Location:  East Sussex

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