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Hi, I’m Lou

PP number: PP1403


Name: Lou



congo african grey


Adoption fee: cites



I will need a new one please.



I’m  Lou, a beautiful African grey who is full of love. We don’t know when my birthday is and
unsure of my ages but we know I’m over 16 years of age.




I was handed into the charity due to no fault of my own. We don’t really know very much about
Lou’s history or background apart from he was kept in my cage for around 15 years.


Current Presentation:

I’m here in a safehouse where its just me, no other animals are around, I have the lounge to
myself where I’m pretty much out of my cage all day which I really do seem to like now. I do like
to adventure of my cage but I can not fly very well as does look like my wings on one side has
been clipped at some point in my life, but this doesn’t stop me from getting around and walking
on the floor which I seem to love.im not always easy to go into my cage but safehouse mum and
dad have found with encouragement of a nut I will go back into my cage. I do really need a male
career and will step up for a male and love having cuddles with them I’m happy to sit with a
male all day if I could I’m not overly keen on females and I will bite but I have step up for the
safehouse mum but this has only been on my terms and when I’ve been a little stuck, I will take
food from either male or female but I would still prefer to have a male at any given chance .I
don’t seem to be worried about children around as long they don’t come to touch me.


I don’t seem to be overly loud but I do make lots of different sounds and noises of different birds
from outside. I haven’t said many words while being in the safehouse and my safehouse is
unsure if I can say anyone words but that’s ok.
I don’t get covered at night and I was very nervous when I first came into my safehouse. I felt it
would scare me too much and that’s ok I seem to be happy without it.
I do love to listen to music which is when I do love to have a dance to it also.



Not really done any training with Lou but could do with a little work on going back into the cage.



Lou is on as30 seed and Harrison low sunflower mix ,Lou loves his fruit but does need a lot of
encouragement for vegetables as he was not on the best diet when he came into the
charity. Lou loves grapes and nuts also.



Lou’s favorite toy is his babble ball which he carries around and rolls around with it. Lou also
has a bell inside of his cage and have found he seems to bang this when he gets angry.
Lou does seem to like ropes, we have found that Lou likes to rip paper up and chew boxes.
I do like music.



Lou ideally needs a male career that he can call his he will sit with you and will allow you to give
him cuddles. Lou is such a loving bird with so much love to give hes such a happy boy that is full
of confidence and character and would love a forever home where he can shine more.


Location: East sussex

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