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Hi, I’m Lordie

PP number: PP1153


Name: Lordie


Species: Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: Papers applied for



Hi, my name is Lordie, and I’m a very beautiful Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. I am 17 years old and you might notice that I’m without quite a few of my feathers, there’s a story behind that but not one I’m ever going to tell.  I am going to tell you all about me now though so that you can see if you’re what I need. You can also find more pics and videos on the Problem Parrots Extra FB page, if you want to see more, just search #Lordie



My first six years weren’t very good. I wasn’t treated very well at all and I started to pluck. I’ve taken all the feathers off my chest and legs, and the tops of my wings too. Occasionally a feather comes through but I still can’t resist yanking them out. I think I rather rock the bald look though, what do you think? For the last 10 years I’ve had a wonderful home with a lovely lady who loved me very much but she is no longer able to care for me the way she wants me to be cared for, so here I am looking for a new home where I’ll be loved and cherished the way I’ve grown used to.


Current Presentation:

I don’t mind the ladies, in fact I quite like some of them, but I do have a preference for the men! So if you’re a man, who can appreciate the finer things in life, like cuddles and tickles, then you and me might just get on. I don’t mind if you have a lady and I’ll probably step up for her and have tickles whilst I’m waiting for you to come back to me, but rest assured, I will be waiting for you and leap on you as soon as I see you. I love my safe house dad, although I have noticed that there can be quite a queue for his attentions. After a long time of being really quite scared of my SH mum I’m now happy to step up for her and have lots of head scratches and even cuddles on her knee. I’m not big on biting; I save that for when I’m really quite scared. I get a bit worried when I’m not sure what is happening, so I’d like a good routine, as long as there are lots of tickles involved. I’m not sure how I’d feel about small children but older children would probably be ok as long as they don’t poke their fingers into my cage.  That sounds like I chew anything that comes into my cage, but I really don’t. I don’t mind you cleaning out my cage and bringing me new toys and food and stuff. I won’t bite you but I might be a bit wary of you, even when I trust you, unless you’re a gorgeous hunky man, in which case you just crack on! There are quite a few birds here but I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me. I really don’t like dogs at all though, so I wouldn’t want to live with someone who might want to get a dog in future.  I’m happy sat on my man, getting tickles. It really is my favourite thing to do. Every now and then I’ll have a bit of a dance and throw my head about and I might have a bit of a shout; after all I am a Too! SH mum says I’m not as loud as most though. When I’m in my cage I’m fairly quiet, I mostly just sit and wait patiently for my man to come home. I will leap out of my cage for him, anyone else and I have to have a think about it first, so my safe house mum says I’m not consistent at coming out of my cage. I am consistent at going back in my cage, you can just pop me back in anytime and I’ll just sit and wait till I can come out again.  I do like to have my pins cracked, and I’ll let anyone I trust do this, cos when a girl’s desperate well…..a girl’s desperate. I do like to have a chomp on my wooden toys, so I’ll need a constant stream of those and I’ll also do a fair bit of ripping when I’m in the mood, so big catalogues are the order of the day. Now, every now and then I appreciate a good old dousing, cos I have to look after the feathers I have left. Some days though I’m really not in the mood, you’ll just have to give me a squirt and see. I get up around 9.30am every day and go to bed around 8.30pm, that suits me as it means I get a few hours of cuddles with my SH dad. I like the weekends best, cos SH dad is home more and I get lots more cuddles. Really cuddles are all I need to be happy.



If you haven’t yet noticed, I’m a very cuddly girl and I don’t mind what my chosen one does with me, so SH mum feels that I’d take to a harness quite well, with the right person, and be content surfing around on your shoulder. Although I do step up quite well, when I want to, if I’m not in the mood then I can usually be tempted with some banana, I love banana. I’m not a fan of sticks, I won’t step onto one, I prefer an arm.



My diet is ok, I’m told, although I do get a bit of hassle about veg and fruit, I don’t eat enough of it apparently. I have these things called sprouts, just soggy seeds as far as I can see, I’ve eaten a few but really I do love my Tidymix, I eat that all up most days. There are a few veg and fruits that I will eat, but again only when I’m in the mood – except banana, I pretty much will always eat banana, but SH mum is mean, she says I shouldn’t eat too much of it. I will eat grapes, apples and peas, but only if I’m in the mood, I’m more likely to eat them if you hand feed me. One day I found some things, called Kaytee pellets, and I do like those. SH mum has started putting some in my cage instead of the horrible things she used to put in, Roudybush they were, yak, I won’t eat them. For extras I do like small pieces of wholemeal toast with coconut oil on it, oh and sweet potato mash is also pretty good, and scrambled egg from time to time, but be warned, and I don’t want you to laugh, but I do like eating it from a spoon, as long as someone I like is on the other end of it. There’s a big tough Too here as well, and he also likes being fed from a spoon, so it’s not that babyish!



I don’t play very often, but when I do I like big toys with lots of wood so that I can give it a good old chew. SH mum has made toys for me, and added lots of new bits after I’ve chewed some off, she says that I need things to occupy myself if I’m not going to come out and play. I’m good at chewing though, so big wooden blocks keep me busy. I like to have a good thick catalogue on my cage so that I can chew the pages through my bars, it gives me something to do when I’m waiting for my SH dad to come home, if I don’t want to come out. SH mum has put toys across the top of my cage for me to chew.  Sometimes I go into the aviary, I used to go on my own, with SH dad at first but now I can go out with other birds without any of the people that live here. Some days it’s ok, I can watch the other birds being silly, those in the garden as well as those in the aviary, but I honestly can take it or leave it. Sometimes I just plain refuse to go outside. If I’m in my cage then I do like to listen to the radio whilst I’m waiting for SH dad. Sometimes I chew my perches, but SH mum says that’s ok as they make the perches especially so that we can peel the bark off, that is good fun too. Sometimes SH mum makes us find our food, I’m not always bothered though, it depends what it is.



Lordie is a lovely bird, very well behaved for a LSC and although she has the occasional scream it isn’t that loud at all. Really, all she wants is love, and lots of it. Because of the way she was treated during her early years she is quite wary and needs time to learn to trust new people.  Most days she will come out of her cage for any of us but she practically leaps on my husband as soon as she sees him and would just sit with him all day if she could. Ideally she needs company throughout the day as she only rarely plays by herself and spends most of her time sitting in her cage, or on it or on a play stand. To be happy, I think she really needs a male carer. With time and patience she may also accept a female as her main carer, although that may be hit and miss.

 Location:  Lancashire

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