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Hi, I’m Lollipop

PP number: PP1260


Name: Lollipop


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £300



Hello my name is Lollipop, I am a Congo African Grey parrot. I am 7 years old and have been dna’d as a female.



I came into problem parrots charity to find a new family through no fault of my own, my previous owner couldn’t give me the care I needed and made the hard decision to let find a new family. I was a very much loved bird.


Current Presentation:

I am a very pretty girl; I have all my feathers and can fly.



I need some basic training to learn to step up as I will only step onto a lady’s arm from the floor. I have learned to step onto a stick up to now, so ongoing training would help me learn to step onto your hand. I’m also quite nervous so a slow approach is needed.



I am currently eating tidy mix seed mix which I enjoy, I also get some Harrison’s pellets too. They give me lots of fresh food here, which a do try a taste of everything but I do not eat much, so I need some encouragement.


Enrichment: I enjoy spending time with humans rather than playing with toys, so I will need some encouragement to play with toys as I become a bit too dependent on human company. I do enjoy a good fly round the room and especially enjoy perching on top of high things to watch people.

I have a play stand that I will go to, but I do not play with the toys on that.



Lollipop is a pleasure to safe house, she is a sweet girl who craves human company. She is quite shy and nervous so will need time to settle into her new home. Lollipop has a huge vocabulary and will sit chatting with you all day, she mimics lots of different sounds including a cat.

She is not bothered about a cat or dog sniffing round her cage when she is safely locked inside and will meow at a cat walking past.

She loves a good fly round the room and has an amazing wingspan, and can land like an expert. She particularly loves perching on top of the doors or kitchen cupboards to people watch.

If you have a stick, she will step up onto that to be taken back to her cage or if she’s on the floor she will step onto your hand.

She has shown no aggression at all while being here and is happy to chill out with both myself and my husband.

Although she has many toys, she doesn’t occupy herself with them. We have offered boxes for chewing, branches, and various textures but she shows no interest, so this is an ongoing thing. She will need someone who will persevere with the offering of encouragement for foraging and being more independent to play on her own as over bonding could become an issue.

All in all, Lollipop is a gentle girl who would be suited to a calm quiet household, she is fine with other birds and shows no aggression at all. She is a pleasure to safe house; we only know she is here because of her continuous chatting away.

If you feel Lollipop is the right bird for your family, then please do not hesitate to apply. You will not be disappointed.



Location: Kent

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