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Hi, we are Lola and Mia

PP number: PP1386 pp1387


Name: Lola and Mia





Adoption fee: £260


Cage:  we need a aviary life pls



We are a bonded pair of Alexandrines who came into the charity through no fault of our own.
Lola is approximately 4 years old and Mia is around 3 years old.
We are both full of character especially when we are together and feel we should stay together
in our new home. You can find more info on us below and photos and videos can be found on
Facebook Problem Parrots Extra.



We are not going to dwell too much on the past but I need you to know this in order to help us
find the right home see. We came into pp a couple of weeks ago due to no fault of our own.
We are not bad birds but can be very loud with the noises we make, we can even mimick in
tandem together. There is not much history about us.
Mia – is more easy going whereas;
Lola – keeps herself to herself or pretty close to Mia.
Mia joined Lola after being adopted from PP sometime ago but due to their previous home's
circumstances, they have not been handled much at all and therefore, Lola is not tamed at all
and Mia has had very minimal handling.


Current Presentation:

Mia being younger has a shorter tail and is fully feathered, beautiful green body and wings. She
will sit when in her cage on the rope ring and happily listen to you whilst you talk to her and
even respond with noises like she is trying to answer you in her own way. Mia will also take
some treats from you such as a piece of pear and will happily explore the living room, toys and
large mirror like she is in an 'Aviary'. To catch her you need a towel or a blanket and seriously
plenty of energy but once she is wrapped inside a blanket she will allow you to kiss her head and
give her head scritches but not for too long.

Lola is also fully feathered with a beautiful green body and wings and gorgeous long tail and is completely the opposite of Mia and will keep her distance such as, staying at the other side of the cage if you are too close, she also will not take anything from you being that she has not been hand reared or trained in any way it seems.
Lola can eventually be caught the same way as Mia but not before giving you a run around.
Once caught in a blanket, Lola creates a huge fuss as she does not like to be handled in any way
nor physically touched such as gentle strokes or kisses on her head.
Both girls are not cage territorial in any way but will avoid human contact in any way whilst
changing food and water and will stay up top in their cage during cleaning.

None of these two like a bath or a shower but this is also part ongoing training to get them used
to bathing using a mist spray bottle, Mia seems to prefer a pump action water bottle for her
Both Mia and Lola will follow each other around when not in their cage and even preen and feed
one another and are not bothered by other birds being out and about around them as long as
they are left alone together much like being in a aviary.


Training is needed in every area with Lola which basically starts by simply earning her trust by
talking to her gently and offering rewards even just for listening.
Mia being a little more easy going may take well to training in all areas as she already sits
happily listening to you and does allow you to offer her treats not that she is prepared to take



Both girls have now been put on AS30 along with Harrisons and really do love their fruit and
veg, Pears seem to be the favourite but they also like apples, grapes and berries.




Both Lola and Mia seem to prefer each others company and where one goes the other will
follow. They have toys and new ones have gradually been added to their cage, but they do love
their swing and rope ring, the rope ring they tend to share and sleep together on.
There are many toys etc around the living room but they both do prefer to be high up on the
ropes or the curtain pole, as long as they are not far from each other or are right next to each
other then they are both quite content.



Both Lola and Mia do not have a preference to male or female owners and they would benefit
from a confident experienced care/handler who can work with them both as individual birds
and as them as a pair. usually Mia is the leader of the 2 ladies and once in the cage for a
while then Lola will follow. they would suit a large aviary area


Greater Manchester

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