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Hi, I’m Loki

PP number: PP1294


Name: Loki


Species: Senegal


Adoption fee: £225





my name is Loki, I’m a small bird with loads of character. You can find my photos on the PPX page.



I was currently living With an older couple, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I had to come into the charity. I’m currently living at my safehouse with a busy family and I’m loving all the attention I can get.  I do prefer the ladies but I will sometimes except head scratches from children and men, I’m not a bad bird just protected over the ladies and bond quicker with them.


Current Presentation:

I prefer a lady owner, I can growl and go to bite men but on my terms I will except a head scratch and I will occasionally step up on them, but after a short time will fly off. Again with children I can go to nip but I will again step up on my terms, my safehouse mum says I’m a little guard bird. I’m with three African Grey Parrots in my safehouse, and my safehouse mum allows me to go in her indoor aviary with her two Grey’s, I just leave them alone and do my own thing.  I don’t like being sprayed, and I rather bathe myself. We wake up around 7am and get settled down around 8pm.  I’m usually out my cage for the whole day and if my safehouse family have to go out, I then go in the aviary where I have loads of room and space to do my own thing. I like to spend my day sitting near my safehouse mum where I get loads of head scratches and I give loads of kisses. I just love having loads of interaction as I’m a really clever little bird. I love being out my cage and I just leave the bigger birds alone, you do need to keep an eye on me as I do like to chew anything I can get my beak into, so loads of shredding toys are needed. I can growl and go to bite when hands come into my cage and my safehouse mum takes no nonsense from me so I am getting loads better. I can screech when I get excited, or when I’m angry but other than that I’m a laid back bird.



I have basic training as I will step up and I’m easy to put back in my cage when I have to go in. My safehouse mum thinks in time with loads of patience I could even get an harness on.



I’m on tidy mix seed. I try loads of fruit and vegetables. I get given steam fresh mix vegetables, and I get given a different varieties of fruit such as apple, blueberries, grapes etc has I like to try out different foods.



My favourite toys are definitely anything I can shred. And I absolutely love my swing, and I so clever I can even swing myself. I do join my safehouse mum’s Grey’s in her big indoor aviary. When my safehouse family do go out they leave me the television on, but I do love to listen to any type of music.



Ideally I need a woman adopter as I’m such a ladies man. I do tolerate men and children. I do need loads of interaction as I’m such a clever boy and I’m learning new things everyday. I can talk when I’m happy. I can say my name, pretty birdie, and if I’m being ignored I do screech birdie to get your attention. I like to keep busy by shredding anything from paper, cardboard and your home if your not watching me. So please keep an eye out for me and don’t let me being small put you off.

 Location:  Derbyshire

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