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Hi, we are Loki, Milo & Azanthi

PP number: PP946, PP947 & PP948


Names: Loki, Milo & Azanthi


Species: Eclectus – 2 males & 1 female


Cage supplied: Yes – 2 cages


Adoption fee:  £300


Description: Milo loves attention and will play with his owner for hours, loves fruit and can be crafty to get to it. He has a very large vocal range and can say a few words as well as mimic whistles. Fully tame and can be handled fully with no aggression or biting. Gives signs of when he is tired and wants some alone time by flapping wings or flying back off into his cage. Overall wonderful bird 🙂


Loki is a very sweet bird and the softest out of the three Eclectus’. He loves his food and is very easy to Train because of it. He likes to talk and whistle when he has some company. Loves being out of his cage and interacting with other birds and humans. Only bad point of Loki is he is terrified of water. Doesn’t like spray bottle or a water pal to bath in. And gets very nervous when it’s heavy raining outside.


Xanthe is quiet and more timid from her partner Milo. She will sit with you for hours just watching TV etc but doesn’t enjoy play time like the others she is happy just watching. Loves grapes and fruit and a good bath in a water bowl. Very quick learner and picks up words and sounds very quickly, great flier and loves the chance to spread her wings and fly. Overall great bird, lovely personality.


Location: Pontefract

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