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Hi, we are Lily & Rupert

PP number: PP1123, PP1124


Name: Lily & Rupert


Species: African Grey and Galah Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes 


Adoption fee: £350




Hi, our names are Lily & Rupert and are 12 year old female African Grey and 7 year old Galah. We are not a bonded pair but like to see each other but we don’t interact. We have been in our safehouse about a month now, we do like it here and we like our safehouse mum. Lily grey is more of a mans bird and loves tickles and scratches from our safehouse dad who I adore. I love to bop away on my safehouse dads arm. I’m a good talker and eat well. Rupert, I’m a Galah Cockatoo and I’m very silly and love to dance on my safehouse mums shoulder and whisper ‘giz a kiss’ in her ear.  I’m more for the ladies but I do fly to my safehouse dads shoulder once in a while. We love our time out of the cage and out time is very important to us so we don’t get bored.


We were in our previous home for much of our lives and had to leave due to change in circumstances and through no fault of our own.

Current Presentation:

Lily & Rupert are doing really well here and have fit in perfectly with all the other birds, they were wary to start with but have really found their feet. we have a little dog and his presence does not bother them. They have not met any little people yet so cant comment on what they would make of them.


My safehouse dad has been teaching me (Lily) to step up and recall training which im getting good at. me (Rupert) I just likes cuddles but step up on my terms.


We both love our food and I (Lily) currently eat tidymix, harrisons, chop, spouted seeds, fruit and veg. And me (Rupert) I have a small amount of neophema mix, harrisons, sprouted seeds, fruit and veg.


We have lots of toys in our cages and love to sit on the java tree, we both just love to be out and interacting with our humans.


We are both very happy birds and love interaction and lots of out of cage time, Lots of toys as well. Lily needs a male for interaction but lets a female clean her cage and feed her. Rupert prefers a female carer but allows a man to feed him. Both come with very large double cages so please take this into account for collection.


Location:  Norfolk

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