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Hi, we are Lilo & Stitch

PP number: PP1126 PP1127


Name:Lilo & Stitch


Species: Parolettes


Adoption fee: £50



Lilo and Stitch are very bonded and love nothing more than being together.


We don’t know anything about their history before they came into the charity.


Current Presentation

Lovely little fellas, fully feathered quiet chaps.



We are learning step up but it’s slow with two of them but they are keen to learn.


Currently eating tidy mix and love diving into a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables. They will try anything and apple is their favourite.



We have lots of toys but we prefer to sit together on our swing with each other. We enjoy our own company. We don’t really bother with the toys that are here, we may have a little nibble on some cardboard.



Lilo and Stitch are a bonded pair who spends most of their time in the cage where they feel safe
together, they have plenty of opportunity to come out to play but much prefer the comfort of their cage,
when they do come out they will sit together on top of the curtain rail, they were brave enough to go on
the play gym once so we have lots of hope. We spend hours a day just sitting and talking to them to try
and gain their trust its a slow process but it will pay off.


Location: Llanelli 

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