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Hi, I’m Leccy

PP number: PP893


Name: Leccy


Species: Alexandrine


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee:  £125


Description: Hi all I’m Leccy an Alexandrine. I have been staying at my safe house for a good few weeks now , its not too bad here to be honest but don’t tell the humans I said that ( I like to keep them on their toes ).


I like eating AS30 seed mix but I love fruit , my favourites include melon and red grapes , I have plenty of time out of my cage when all of those grey looking parrots are locked up as I fly to them and they are a bit scared of me.


I do like being covered up when its bed time and I am very quiet at night , I can’t say any words but I like to make singing noises although I’m not a noisy bird.


If you apply for me please buy me my own new cage as I’m  currently living rent free in a borrowed cage.


I love to chew wooden perches so please get a stock of them for me. 


I’m off for tea now so speak to you all soon , love Leccy xx


Location: Essex

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