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Hi, I’m Korky

PP number: PP1125


Name: Korky


Species: Citron Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275




Hi, I’m Korky. I’m thought to be male. I’m a handsome citron cockatoo looking for my perfect forever home.

Korky has recently come back into the charity due to a change in his owners circumstances. Korky was a very much loved bird who had been with his owner for a while, but she had to make the difficult decision to give Korky back to the charity.

Current Presentation:

Korky is a handsome boy, and he knows it!! He loves to show off for you, jumping around and showing off his wings. He loves to spend time with people. Korky does like to think he is the boss so this needs to be watched with other birds in the house. Currently Korky has limited time with other birds in his safe house to try and get him used to them.

Korky likes to do his own thing! We are trying to get him used to stepping up, but this is entirely on his own terms. Since being in his safe house, we have successfully managed to get Korky harness trained and he has enjoyed being out on his harness.

Korky is on a diet of neophema mix and fresh veg every day. He is a great eater and is t afraid to try something new.


I love cardboard! That’s my favourite thing to play with! I’m scared of a lot of toys, but give me a box and I’m loving it!! I love being out of my cage with people.

Korky is a handsome (suspected) male bird. He gets on with everyone in his safe house. He loves spending time out of his cage and will happily go to anyone who will give him some love! Korky will need to be in a home where he doesn’t get away with being the boss! He does need boundaries to prevent this. He can be noisy if he’s not getting the attention he thinks he deserves! Overall Korky is a lovely boy who will make a lovely addition to a family who can spend time with him. He’s not a bird that can be left on his own all day, but for short amounts of time this would be ok.


 Location: Stafford

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