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Hi, I’m Cookie

PP number: PP1022


Name: Cookie


Species: Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £250




Hello, Cookie here. I’m an older bird but definitely don’t act my age! I’m not awfully loud for a Cockatoo unless I’m trying to get your attention or if you leave me in the room by myself I do shout for you to come back and let you know I’m missing you. I can be a fussy eater and if you want me to try something new you might have to pretend to eat a bit with me so I can see it tastes nice before giving it a try myself. I bark like a dog and whistle some lovely tunes, I especially like whistling along to older music. I step up perfectly away from my cage and most of the time from my cage too although sometimes I can be a bit fussy and wait until you’ve walked away from my cage and then shout for you to come back and get me! I don’t have a preference over men or women I love nearly everybody although I can get a bit overwhelmed with new people and large amounts of people, however I don’t like older men or children/babies but I don’t mind them being around me as long as they don’t touch me. I don’t like the attention being on children if I cant be involved though so my safehouse people have to juggle that a bit, though I’m sure they don’t mind really.  I don’t really like other birds but am okay if they are in their cages while I’m out. I definitely don’t like cats though, when I’m stood on the window sill and the cats jump and sit on the opposite sides of the glass I like to fluff up as big as I can and scare them away. I am always after kisses and will stick my tongue out at you until you give me a one.



I used to live with an elderly man and didn’t get to come out of my cage for 5 years, so I do like to be out as much as possible nowadays. It was quite lonely in the cage with no interaction and no toys to keep myself busy  but I have plenty to play with at my safehouse, I even have my own specially built tree just for me! I was eating lots of peanuts at my old home which are’nt very good for me, so I’m now just getting my head round eating a mostly seed diet with the odd couple of sunflower seeds and lots and lots of veggies, which I’m just about getting the taste for.


Current Presentation:

I am presenting myself as a happy, calm (90% of the time! I do get a bit excited to see my safehouse mom and dad in a morning) and loving bird despite my past. I love being around people and do enjoy being a bit of an attention hog sometimes so you do need to be firm sometimes and put me down on a perch or seat away from you slightly to let me see I don’t need to be on top of you to know you love me. Safe house mom and dad have been helping me sort my new feathers out as they come through and have been giving me baths as I was a bit dirty when I first arrived, I’m much cleaner now and my feathers are getting better.



My safehouse mom and dad are currently teaching me that just because they leave the room, doesn’t  mean they are leaving me forever and they are coming back, as I get a bit anxious when left alone or if I cant see you. I step up when asked and I’ve heard my safehouse people saying how well behaved I am.



I am a little bit picky with my food and might need to see you try it first so I know it tastes nice, but once I have the taste for something I’ll eat it all up with no problem. I eat a varied diet of seeds, a few sunflower seeds as a bit of a treat, lots of veggies – I’m just trying these out recently and I’m still a little bit unsure, i do like pumpkin though! If you have me out at dinner time i mostly wont bother you, but watch out if you have any type of pasta with a tomato sauce, I try to get my beak in the bowl without warning!



I like toys with buttons that I can press to make noises , I especially love a little camera baby toy that talks when I press it. I love tearing up newspaper and chewing up some of my wooden perches. I love to sing and dance, it’s even better when you do it with me!



I am a great bird, patiently waiting for a new start in life with the right people/person. I would be best suited to a younger person/family or a lone older lady. I am safe around children I just get a little bit jealous of them, but I cant fly or choose not to fly to get to them I just like to shout as if to say ‘what about me!’. I am an absolutely amazing bird to have around and would be a fantastic addition to who ever I go to live with although my safehouse family would be sad to see me go. I could live with other birds as long as they are kept away from me when I’m out and they come out when I go for a nap in the afternoon (maybe that’s my age showing haha). I do bark like a dog but I don’t know if I like dogs as my safehouse dont have any. It would be okay if I went to a working family, as I do occupy myself with my toys and napping throughout the day time until you get home if you’ve been out for a while but you will have to explain to me that you’re coming back and I need to hear the door closing otherwise I think you’re still in the house and will call for you. Overall, I’m going to need someone who will love me just as much as I love them!


 Location:  Durham

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