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Hi, i’m Kiki

PP number: PP846


Name: Kiki


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: CITES





hi I’m Kiki and as you can see I’m a really pretty girl. I’m a laid back happy girl with lots to offer.



I was adopted but sadly the people who adopted me weren’t the right family for me, so they made the hard decision to hand me back in so I could find the right family.


Current Presentation:

I’m a fully feathered and flighted bird, I like to keep myself looking pristine and clean.



I’m not too sure about stepping up but that’s training in progress, as long as you have my favourite treat to bride me with.



I’m currently eating tidy mix and enjoy a bowl of that every day. I’m not keen on those pesky vegetables though, they’re the devil. I do like grapes though, they’re my favourite fruit.



Give me a cardboard box and I’m happy. I don’t really play with toys, I have no interest in them. I’m quite a needy girl and prefer spending time with the humans.



Kiki is a stunning girl, loves hearing her own voice and can be quite loud. She’s got a funny personality and will shout SHUT THE DOOR to you. She won’t entertain vegetables but give her a grape and she’s anyone’s.

She hasn’t been any  males here but at her last home she preferred the lady of the house and does tend to bond really quickly to one person. Once she’s bonded to that one person she loses interest in anyone else so a single lady would be perfect for Kiki.

Not sure about the children in the house as there isn’t any here or in the last home.

Kiki doesn’t mix with other birds, she prefers the company of humans, specially her chosen one.

All in all Kiki is a lovely bird who will suit a single lady and somewhere she can be out of her cage a lot to have a fly as she’s a really good flyer. She’s loud and brassy and will totally steal your heart. If you think you got the bill and can handle this sassy girl, then what are you waiting for.


Location:  Stoke-on-Trent

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