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Hi, I’m Kiki

PP number: PP1268


Name: Kiki


Species: Bare Eyed Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275




Hi my name is Kiki and I’m a beautiful bare eyed cockatoo, I’m around 22 years young and I love the men (sorry ladies but you are not for me) I can be very stubborn, but I do love my safe house dads.



I lived with the most amazing elderly couple and I loved my dad, but he sadly got poorly and found it hard to care for me in the way that I needed. They made the really hard decision to find me a new home.


Current Presentation:

Well, what can I say? I am a fully feathered beauty; I can fly and will need a home that will allow me to do that.



I am learning to step up and learning not to scream when my safe house dad leaves the room, I’m learning that head tickles are quite nice as well but not for very long and only on my terms, I’m also learning to use these foraging toys I’ve been given but they are a bit challenging so far but the cardboard is fun



Diet: J&J Low sunflower seed mix and daily fresh fruit and veg and soaking seeds (this is something I’m getting used to ) , although I do like to throw everything out the bowl and make a mess.



I’m slowly getting used to playing with toys and these foraging things but I can be lazy but I’ll have a try to get the treats out of them if I’m in the mood. I love cardboard and these paper rolls that I can shred, I always try to steal my safe house dads letters if they leave them on the couch (they let me shred the bills hehe) I do love to have the radio on or the tv and enjoy the kids channel my safe house Dad puts on for me.



As I have already mentioned I really love the men and am a big flirt with them, I step up to my safe house dads as soon as they open my cage and run up there arm to get on their shoulder as quick as I can, I don’t mind him cleaning my cage as long as I’m not in it when he does so I do my cat walk on top, back and forth whilst he is busy cleaning my mess. I didn’t have many toys when I arrived at my safe house and my cage wasn’t the best but my safe house dads had one I could use that was nice and big and they have given me lots of new toys that I can play with although I’m not sure of them yet but I’m getting there and have investigated a few of them. there are a few other birds here as well and they don’t bother me, I quite like to watch them and say hello when I pop onto their cage to see what they have that I don’t, the bird that is next door to me looks just like me but I think I’m prettier and he doesn’t sing as good as me. My SH dad says I have a funny singing voice but I don’t care as he can’t sing either but we both try, I don’t like fingers or hands near my cage when I’m in there and will try get you if you get to close and I will scream if any ladies come near me. my SH dads laugh at me when I’m strutting my stuff on the back of the couch doing my sexy walk as they call it. I love to say hello as soon as my SH dads come into the room in the morning because I know I’m getting my breakfast , I love being out of my cage surfing my SH dads shoulders and it’s a lot of fun when he is in the kitchen as I get to see what’s in the fridge and cupboards. I’m a good girl who just wants lots of love and attention and a lovely man to talk to me I’m not very fond of being sprayed I would rather have a splash in my water bowl its loads of fun.

Kiki has made some real progress since coming to us and is an amazing girl, she is slowly letting us give her head tickles but only on her terms, she was quite shy and nervous for the first week but her personality is really coming out now and she loves a good old dance and sing song and is a lady gaga fan and really struts her stuff when she is on the radio, she is a mans bird only and does not seem to like woman and screams if one goes near her or comes into the house. Kiki has shown no aggression to any of our other birds and is very interested in them and loves to watch them and say hello, Kiki says hello all the time when she is on our arm on shoulder and will occasionally say Hello Kiki, when she is excited, she lets out a little song and does a real funny dance. she loves to pose for the camera and do a catwalk for us. Kiki does like her chop but can be very fussy and like one thing one day and not the next but is starting to get used to chop daily and showing more interest each day.

So if you can off Kiki the perfect home with mainly a male carer, who loves a good dance and space for her to fly, then click that apply button.


Location: Hartlepool 

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