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Hi, I’m Katie

PP number: PP1202


Name: Katie


Species: Parottlet


Adoption fee: Price on application




I am a little yellow Parrotlet. The smallest of parrots seen as pets. I am thought to be about 4 years old and until now have lived a very quiet life confined to a cage.



I belonged to an elderly lady who lived in a care home.  Unfortunately the lady passed away and I stayed at the home with my partner, who sadly dies sometime later. The staff did there best but there was no one to love me. I was lonely and sad so they asked Problem Parrots to find me a new home.


Current Presentation:

I haven’t been in my safe house long and am still getting used to the freedom. I can come out of my cage and fly around the room but I need more practice as  all this exercise puffs me out cos my little wings are not used to it. You see, I have been kept in my cage up to now. I have never been handled either so I get fluttery when you put your hand in my cage but I will come closer if you talk quietly and I always listen really hard.

There is a slightly bigger bird living with me and I like to spend time with him.. We go in each others cages and share our food. I love the company and really come to life when he’s about. He gives me confidence. I think I need another birdie friend in the future.



I need someone to spend time with me so I can build up my trust in them,



I am on Hagan gourmet mix. I like my greens and broccoli and I love a taste of blueberry or raspberry , but I cant eat a whole one in one go!! In fact I like to have a little taste of most things! My safe house Mum says I have a good appetite and I enjoy my water but I am always having it changed cos I like to drop my food in it.



I didn’t really have many  toys to speck of when I came but they have brought me some and I especially like my  mirror with its own little perch. I like to sleep next to what they call my “reflection”, but it looks like another bird to me…

The other thing I like to do to keep busy is to throw my seed all over the floor. I then like to go down and do a bit of scurrying around foraging for my favourite bits.



Katie needs time, patience and attention to build her confidence in humans, She is also in great need of another bird, or birds to keep her company and teach her that the world can be a fun and exciting place to be. Ideally it would be great if this were another parrotlet but other small birds would also help.


 Location: East Sussex

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